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India US Report Slams India On Corruption, Social Violence

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
US report slams India on corruption, social violence

IANS - May 25, 2012, 01.34AM IST


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said
widespread impunity at all levels of government
remained a serious problem.

WASHINGTON: The US state department has highlighted "widespread corruption at all levels of government" and separatist, insurgent and societal violence among the most significant human rights problems in India.

"Widespread impunity at all levels of government remained a serious problem," said the department's annual report on human rights released by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

"Investigations into individual cases and legal punishment for perpetrators occurred, but in many cases a lack of accountability due to weak law enforcement, a lack of trained police, and an overburdened court system created an atmosphere of impunity," the report noted.

Other highlighted problems included police and security force abuses, including extrajudicial killings, torture and rape. Also listed were disappearances, life-threatening prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and detention and lengthy pre-trial detention. "The judiciary was overburdened, and court backlogs led to lengthy delays or the denial of justice," the report said.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...tion-social-violence/articleshow/13459362.cms
Oct 21, 2009
Who is Us? What are its credentials? What is its contribution to enrich the poor and developing nations/countries? I think one would get a suitable answer if one ponders over few facts.

It produces 12 billion bullets per year enough to kill the entire humanity twice.US is the largest exporter of arms to Asia and has indirectly fuelled terrorism [along with China] in south east Asia. It accounts for over 30 percent of world arm’s sale.
Its defence budget itself is about 43 percent of the total defence budget of first 10 countries.

It is the only foolish country to have used Atomic Bomb. It has carried over sense less war in Vietnam for over decades with no end result. With many other statistics to corroborate its selfishness, US have no moral right to comment upon any other country’s internal affairs.

US is the only country to have attacked other sovereign countries on one alibi or another. Following is an extract of small write up on what US people think of themselves and should be an eye opener for those in power in US.
America the Most Selfish
We are the most selfish country ever to have existed.
This conclusion is inescapable if you compare our potential to our actions.
In the past, before the advent of modern technology and medicine, there was a limit to humanity's ability to reduce suffering on this planet.
But given our present advanced technology and unparalleled wealth, the United States could, had it the will, go a long way towards literally creating Heaven on Earth. Then we truly would be the nation on the hill.
1. We could, if we chose to, wipe out all childhood diseases by a worldwide inoculation program. But we choose not to.
2. We could, if we chose to, ensure that no human on earth goes hungry. But we choose not to.
3. We could, if we chose to, provide potable drinking water, sanitation, and shelter to all the world's people. But we choose not to.
4. We could, if we chose to, do a host of other specific good works that each reader can imagine. But we choose not to.

What do we choose to do instead?

1. We choose to spend our money on, and use our technology for, a myriad of frivolous, often environmentally destructive consumer goods and services: massive SUV's, giant screen TV's, countless changes of clothes with every passing fashion, cosmetic surgery, and so on ad infinitum: an endless mélange of gadgets, widgets, and other doodads that no one ever thought they needed until advertising convinced them that they did.

2. Americans even complain of feeling put upon. Their taxes are too high. They can't buy a new car often enough. They don't have enough leisure time.

Nov 23, 2010
You don't seem to disagree with any of the points made in the report. I think it's about time the U.S. said something about human rights violation of "the largest democracy in the world". They have turned a blind eye for far too long. You forget to mention about the amount of financial aid the U.S. spends every year.
By they way I don't really disagree with what you had to say but this should be said for the sake of fairness.



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