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USA US-based Sikh Man Accused Of Helping India, Pakistan Terrorist Groups


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
US-based Sikh man accused of helping India, Pakistan terrorist groups

A man in Nevada has been charged with providing support to terrorism groups in India and Pakistan.

Balwinder Singh, who was arrested in Reno on Tuesday, has been charged with one count of conspiracy to murder, kidnap, and maim persons in a foreign country.

The 39-year-old has also been charged with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; one count of making a false statement on immigration document.

According to CNN, he has also been charged with two counts of use of an immigration document procured by fraud and one count of unlawful production of an identification document.

Singh is accused of belonging to two terrorist organizations, Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).

The group aims to create an independent Sikh state in the Punjab region of India.

Singh was a citizen of India and fled to the United States where he claimed asylum. He eventually obtained a permanent resident card.

He is also accused of using a false identity and obtaining false documents in the United States so that he could travel to India without being apprehended by authorities there, the report said.

Singh sent money from the United States to co-conspirators in India, the indictment read.

He is also accused of providing advice on how to carry out acts of terrorism and traveling to Pakistan, India and other countries to meet with co-conspirators, the report added.

If convicted, Singh faces up to life in prison.

He is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

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