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General Update: The Lionchild Blog

Update November 2007
This blog has changed considerably since its conception, it is now located on another sever and has its own domain. While i may not be studying the Sikh faith much anymore, i still wanted to share the blog to everyone, as it covers more than just the Baha'i faith, it will include articles on different faiths, and iterviews with people from different faiths too. The link can be found here:

The Lionchild BLog
Religion, philosophy, and a little of me
Re: LionChild Sikhi - A new Sikh Blog!

Great Job!! keep it up.......Kudos.........

Bindy_Bains said:

Dear SPN users and viewers…

Recently, I have been hard at work on a new Sikh blog! This blog called “LionChild Sikhi” it’s a blog on the daily life and ups and downs of 2 convert-sikhs. Amrit Kaur (Ambrosia) and LionChild (Darcy Starr, me) will be contributing to this new and interesting blog at least twice a day. However, we will be probably posting more than that since we are both big talkers and have strong opinions!

Basically, Amrit Kaur and I are both on the same path and have experience a lot of the same challenges and ups and downs that a convert often faces when entering sikhi. I have and probably amrit Kaur have a feeling that not many existing sikhs know what it feels like nor have heard about the experience converts go through, whether good or bad.

So I decided that it was about time a sikh blog was made about these experiences and our opinions, rants and articles on sikhi. We will also be having fun by posting our daily blurbs, jokes and lighter topics as well!

So, here is the link to LionChild Sikhi – a new and different sikhi blog!
LionChild Sikhi



Re: LionChild Sikhi - A new Sikh Blog!


I'm sure you've been asked many times but out of interest, what made you convert and when did you do it?