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  1. Astroboy

    From Bahai To Sikhism

    Here's a story of Dr. Yogi Kaur who not only brought tears in my eyes but also fired up the desire to make attitude changes amongst Punjabi Sikhs. Please read the story and give your views on the various aspects pointed out by her as follows:- http://www.searchsikhism.com/si1.html
  2. spnadmin

    Baha'i World Religion Day: Celebration Of Oneness

    Today is a family reunion. And, as at all family reunions, some of the guests and celebrants are close relatives and know each other very well. Others are distant relations and may just be getting to know each other or may not even have met. As at any family reunion, some of the guests may...
  3. S


    What do you guys think of Bahaism?
  4. L

    General Update: The Lionchild Blog

    Update November 2007 This blog has changed considerably since its conception, it is now located on another sever and has its own domain. While i may not be studying the Sikh faith much anymore, i still wanted to share the blog to everyone, as it covers more than just the Baha'i faith, it will...
  5. S

    Bahai Guru Jets Into Dar (IPP Media)

    A leading member of the Indian Bahai community. Professor Anil Sarwal, arrived at Dar es Salaam International airport Monday night, to a rapturous welcome from his Tanzanian counterparts...