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United Sikhs United Sikhs Partners With Law Enforcement Agency To Talk About Sikhs And Sikh Identity


1947-2014 (Archived)
"United Sikhs" partners with law enforcement agency to talk about Sikhs and Sikh identity

Punjab Newsline Network

Saturday, 10 July 2010

CALIFORNIA: Thirty police officers of the City of Livingston police department attended an information session on Sikhism and Sikh identity on June 16, 2010. The information session was requested by Livingston Police Chief Doug Dunford, who approached "United Sikhs" to educate his entire police department about the Kirpan, and other Sikh articles of faith to improve understanding about Sikh Americans.

Mohani Kaur, Coordinator in Central Valley, successfully arranged an extensive four hour workshop jointly conducted by Kashmir Singh, Director, Mohani Kaur, and Japneet Kaur, youth volunteer for the organization.

The City of Livingston is home to a large Sikh community, who comprise around 20% of the population. Chief Dunford remarked that his primary motivation behind arranging the training was to gain a better understanding of the community. “I want to know everything about Sikh culture so I can serve my community better,” he said.

The training aimed to provide a comprehensive look at the Sikh identity and the Sikh way of life. Police officers were given an overview of Sikh history, origin and core values of Sikhism. Then they were presented with details and importance of the Dastar, Kirpan and other articles of faith.

Police officers were also introduced to the Gurdwara structure and protocols.

Collaborations with law enforcement agencies are very important, particularly in light of the discrimination and xenophobia the Sikh community has faced post 9/11.

Chief Dunsford was pleased with the response to the session and has shown interest in continuing these on a regular basis. “We are now outreaching and asking these agencies to contact us in order to clear all the misunderstanding about our identity”, said Mohani Kaur.

"United Sikhs" partners with law inforcement agency to talk about Sikhs and Sikh identity @ www.punjabnewsline.com

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