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Understanding "One" And Remaining In "One"

Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by manes_palam, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. manes_palam

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    Nov 6, 2006
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    ssa......... one is very important for every faith ....and especially for sikhism sggs starts with "ek" so who doesn't understand "ek" can't underrstand sggs no matter how hard you try
    reason why i used faith is that every religion in this world ......is the teaching and understanding of this "one"......which is "ek"
    one is so simple to understand but is too hard as well. it;s simple coz its very easily availaible(god) ...it's hard coz we stand in between.
    as they say god is guru and we are students or childrens and every guru/father want her/his children to be like him/her . coz creator is only one and only power in this world and father of all...with no fear....no enemy....only "one" by itself..
    so we as sikhs has to be like our father/creator/one/ek onkar/teacher/guru with no fear , no anger coz one means together ......with this world/ universe
    when we start feeling that brotherhood and togetherness we start living in "one "
    understanding here is that every single person in this world is part of this "one"god /creator
    so we are all inter connected to be from one source.....which is "one " god ....may be there are so many names to differ(allah,ram,waheguru etc etc)
    now the catch of this story is that if .......any person tries to break your connection with this one by saying .............allah is god(one) waheguru is god(one) christ is god(one) yes they r messengers of one but not "one itself...
    "human being doen't have any other religion " or"manas ki jaat kaun"
    all human kind come frm one source and they are all connected coz of one father/creator
    and that's wy if we live in one and think every one our brother/sister we 'll never have problem with anyone in this world.......and that is called livinlg in "one" can't be disturbed any other
    the person who make disturbances think they are other .....doesn't think that they part of this super power allah/christ/waheguru/one.....they want to reach god without reaching it's creation(humans)
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