Two Sikhs Students Beat Shackles Of Poverty To Study


Two Sikhs students beat shackles of poverty to study
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PATIALA: Poverty did not hold them back from dreaming. And hardwork was something they had never shirked away from. With a Singh and a Kaur suffixed to their name, they had no option but to stand stand tall amid all odds and achieve their goal. The faith in the Guru and a resolute bent of mind to defeat all obstacles finally made these two children of rag pickers prove what a Sikh caught in adversity can achieve.

Torn between the desire to pursue studies and an obligation to earn there livelihood, Gurjant Singh and Sarbjit Kaur, the two children of rag-pickers, last week succeeded in taking the first step towards a better future by clearing the Punjab state-level Joint Entrance Test (JET) and secured admission in three-year diploma courses.

Singh had got admission in diploma in computer in Thapar Polytechnic while Kaur has chosen information technology in Government Polytechnic for Girls, Patiala.

Both the childtren, along with their parents, reside in rag-pickers' colony situated behind the Thapar University.

After completing their studies they, unlike other students want to tread the path less traveled. “I have secured 1,384 ranks without any tuition. I want to teach children of my colony, as, like me, most of them aspire to study, but their parents want them to work. Moreover, they don’t have money to pay for education,” said Singh. Kaur said she wanted to start a project for the uplift of girls of her colony.

In class X, Singh had secured 77% and Kaur 65% without any tuition.

Hit by penury, about 100 families are averse to sending their kids to schools, but due to the consistent efforts of Malwa Arts Sports Cultural and Educational Trust (MASCUT), parents have started sending their wards to primary school.

“We had launched a special project here in 2000. Initially parents were against sending their children to school and preferred them to earn. But things changed after we started offering free food and clothes. At present, there are 94 kids from this colony who are getting free education from MASCUT. From the beginning, we have been sponsoring the education of Sarbjit Kaur and Gurjant Singh and will continue to do so," said Ujagar Singh, executive member of governing body of MASCUT.

To educate more students, MASCUT also runs an evening school in the colony so that children can attend classes after their day's work.

19 August 2009

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
WE must all do such projects in our own the any small way..we can:welcome: is good..


Instead of our sikh elders and gurwarda heads insist on building bigger and bigger gurdwaras why can someone in authority suggest that the money be spent on providing shelter/education for the less fortunate/povery struck?

I just cannot understand y this is not done. Any one can help give an answer?

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