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Turning Face Away From The True Guru !

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 645

    sloku mÚ 3 ]
    siqgur qy jo muh iPry sy bDy duK shwih ]
    iPir iPir imlxu n pwienI jMmih qY mir jwih ]
    shsw rogu n CofeI duK hI mih duK pwih ]
    nwnk ndrI bKis lyih sbdy myil imlwih ]1]

    salok ma 3 ||
    sathigur thae jo muh firae sae badhhae dhukh sehaahi ||
    fir fir milan n paaeinee ja(n)mehi thai mar jaahi ||
    sehasaa rog n shhoddee dhukh hee mehi dhukh paahi ||
    naanak nadharee bakhas laehi sabadhae mael milaahi ||1||

    Salok, Third Mehla:
    Those who turn their faces away from the True Guru, suffer in sorrow and bondage.
    Again and again, they are born only to die; they cannot meet their Lord.
    The disease of doubt does not depart, and they find only pain and more pain.
    O Nanak, if the Gracious Lord forgives, then one is united in Union with the Word of the Shabad. ||1||

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