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  1. findingmyway

    SciTech B-School Startup: Turning Coffee Grounds Into Food

    Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to hear about sustainability projects and anything that will contribute towards the environment. I heard about this project on the news today and found it fascinating...
  2. spnadmin

    Nature Turning Water Into Gold

    Turning Water into Gold See slide show of water depletion at this link http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20130805-turning-water-into-gold By Constance Gustke For centuries, water has been seen as a free public good, with no price attached. But as droughts, population growth and...
  3. Archived_Member16

    India School Buses Turning ‘Yellow Coffins’ In Punjab But Who's Bothered

    School buses turning ‘Yellow Coffins’ in Punjab but who's bothered Monday, March, 04 2013 - 16:37 AMRITSAR: Even as the fatal accidents involving the school buses, which are turning 'Yellow Coffins' are being reported from all over Punjab, speaking loud about the 'bloodier roads' in the...
  4. Harry Haller

    Russell Brand-is He Turning Into A Sikh?

  5. spnadmin

    Canada Brampton-Springdale: Sikh Sympathies Turning Blue

    San Grewal Urban Affairs Reporter When Stephen Harper kicked off his election campaign on a Sunday morning in Brampton, with Sikhs flanking him on both sides for a national news audience, the scene seemed straight out of an old Liberal play book. Every time Harper emphasized a point...
  6. Admin

    Is Britain Turning A Blind Eye To Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is so unmentionable that it seems not to exist in the UK’s Indian community. It isn’t talked about, it isn’t revealed and it certainly isn’t tackled. Many Indian women are reluctant and too fearful to seek help. Reporting from London SHAMLAL PURI investigates the plight of...
  7. J

    What Are We Turning Into As Sikhs?(SRM)

    Pharisees stuck to the "Law", considered it above anything else. Anyone who followed the "Law" was accepted, anyone else was heathen, praising the false God. Although they didn't follow the "law" themselves they prosecuted anyone who would not follow it strictly. Later day Brahmins/Pundits...
  8. S

    Sikh News 'Punjab Turning Into An Ecological Nightmare' (Indian Express Via Yahoo! India News)

    With an all time high cropping intensity of 189 per cent and the highest per hectare use of fertilisers (192.5 kg) and pesticides (923 grams) in the country, Punjab is not only overdrawing its water and soil resources but is also producing crops laced with poison. The state with a yen for the...
  9. S

    Turning Worry Into Wonder

    Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Arjan Dev Ji De Bachan Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji De Panna # 70 jw kau musklu Aiq bxY FoeI koie n dyie ] lwgU hoey dusmnw swk iB Bij Kly ] sBo BjY Awsrw cukY sBu Asrwau ] iciq AwvY Esu pwrbRhmu lgY n qqI vwau ]1] swihbu inqwixAw kw qwxu ] Awie n jweI iQru sdw gur...
  10. D

    General Why Is The India Media Turning Floozy?

    Okay there never used to be any kissing or nudity in the movies in bollywood, now it seems that some of the actresses and actors are begging to take their clothes off and be scandalous, i think it is partly america's fault because our movies are riskay, i can say that because i am american, but...
  11. Archived_Member16

    Turning Face Away From The True Guru !

    This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 645 sloku mÚ 3 ] siqgur qy jo muh iPry sy bDy duK shwih ] iPir iPir imlxu n pwienI jMmih qY mir jwih ] shsw rogu n CofeI duK hI mih duK pwih ] nwnk ndrI bKis lyih sbdy myil imlwih ]1] salok ma 3 || sathigur thae jo muh firae sae...
  12. N

    Atheism Turning To Friends In Faithful Places: Why Non-theists Must Befriend Likeminded Minority Religious G

    Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click here to download a free copy. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Christianity/SIG=12bskc8ft/*http%3A//www.onlinejournal.com/Theocracy_Alert/061405Nall/061405nall.html