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Tribute Paid To The Saviour Of A Girl Child


Jun 1, 2004
Manjit Kaur paid Rs 10,000 to the woman who gave birth to a female child to make sure that they did not kill her. In order to save the girl, already a mother of two boys, Manjit took that baby home in Himmat Singh Nagar because the parents who gave birth to her never wanted to keep her.

The girl, who was born on July 18, 2009, was given the name — Harjapji. Sukhwinder Singh, husband of Manjit, and now also father of Harjapji, is an employee in a hosiery factory. He said, “With a small income and already having two sons, it was not possible for us to bring up third child but when we came to know that the neighbourhood family had plans to throw their infant baby girl, we offered them to adopt the baby.”

The couple narrated their story at Lohri Mela organised by Malwa Sabhacharak Manch held in the city recently and they were even honoured for this cause.

He added, “Manjit always wanted to have a girl and but God gave us sons, so we never wanted to lose this chance. However we were stunned when the family demanded Rs 25,000 from us as hospital expenses. I did not have so much of money and finally they agreed to give us the girl by paying Rs 10,000.”

Singh said, “We requested the family that at least for 40 days, they should keep the girl with them so that the baby could get proper nourishment through breast-feeding. However the family was in a hurry and they handed over the baby in just after 15 days and left the place “

The family was living in a rented accommodation and Harjapjiwas was their second girl child. Now they are no longer in touch with Manjit and Sukhwinder.

The couple’s sons, Sukhbir (9) and Manjot (8), are also too excited these days to play with their sister. Manjit laughs, “Both take care of their sister so much and they hardly leave any work for me. But when the girl was brought to our house, she was sick and very weak, and was even hospitalised for a few days. But with God’s grace, she is hale and hearty now.”

The couple’s bold step however has sent a strong message to many affluent families as well to those who always yearn for sons, reject their daughters and also for the masses at large because of whose mindset, the female sex ratio is falling in Punjab .

Manjit and Sukhwinder said, “We will try to give best of education to this baby and will let her make her dreams come true. Girls deserve much more love than what the families give to their sons. But it is sad that people still do not realise it.”

The couple said, “Harjapji is now 6-month-old and she has been very lucky for the family. Our financial condition has improved a lot since she she became a part of our family.”
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