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To Cross The World-ocean, Sing The Songs Of God

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Tegh Bahaadur Ji in Raag Dayv Gandhaaree on Pannaa 536

dyvgMDwrI mhlw 9 ]
jgq mY JUTI dyKI pRIiq ]
Apny hI suK isau sB lwgy ikAw dwrw ikAw mIq ]1] rhwau ]
myrau myrau sBY khq hY ihq isau bwiDE cIq ]
AMiq kwil sMgI nh koaU ieh Acrj hY rIiq ]1]
mn mUrK AjhU nh smJq isK dY hwirE nIq ]
nwnk Baujlu pwir prY jau gwvY pRB ky gIq ]2]3]6]38]47]

dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree mehalaa 9 ||
jagath mai jhoot(h)ee dhaekhee preeth ||
apanae hee sukh sio sabh laagae kiaa dhaaraa kiaa meeth ||1|| rehaao ||
maero maero sabhai kehath hai hith sio baadhhiou cheeth ||
a(n)th kaal sa(n)gee neh kooo eih acharaj hai reeth ||1||
man moorakh ajehoo neh samajhath sikh dhai haariou neeth ||
naanak bhoujal paar parai jo gaavai prabh kae geeth ||2||3||6||38||47||

Raag Dayv-Gandhaaree, Ninth Mehla:
In this world, I have seen love to be false.
Whether they are spouses or friends, all are concerned only with their own happiness. ||1||Pause||
All say, ""Mine, mine"", and attach their consciousness to you with love.
But at the very last moment, none shall go along with you. How strange are the ways of the world! ||1||
The foolish mind has not yet reformed itself, although I have grown weary of continually instructing it.
O Nanak, one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean, singing the Songs of God. ||2||3||6||38||47||

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