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Sikh News Timeline Of Sikhism

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by drkhalsa, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Brief Timeline
    [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img][center]T I M E L I N E[/center]
    [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]IndiaPunjabEurope[img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img] 1469
    Birth of Guru Nanak   1485
    Accession of Henry Tudor  1492
    First voyage of Columbus1498: 
    Arrival of Vasco da 
    Gama  [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]1526
    Battle of Panipat
    Accession of Babur and
    start of Mughal Rule 1509
    Accession of Henry VIII 1539
    Death of Guru Nanak 1556
    Accession of Akbar 1555
    Peace of Augsberg   1558
    Accession of Elizabeth I[img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]1605
    Accession of Jahangir1603-1604
    Compilation of Guru Granth Sahib1603
    Accession of James I 1606
    Death of Guru Arjan   1618
    Beginning of 30 years war1628
    Accession of Shahjahan 1642 - 1646
    English Civil War1659
    Accession of Aurangzeb 1653
    Cromwell Lord Protector 1675
    Execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur1660
    The Restoration 1699
    Founding of the Khalsa Nation1688 
    The 'Glorious Revolution'[img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]1707
    Death of Aurangzeb   1708
    Death of Guru Gobind Singh   1715
    Death of Louis XIV1744 - 1749
    Anglo-French War1747 -1769
    Invasions of Ahmed Shah Abdali (Afghan) 1757
    Battle of Plassey. Clive becomes Governor1769
    Rise of the Sikh Missls   1775 - 1783
    War of American Independence  1789
    French Revolution 1799
    Capture of Lahore by Ranjit Singh [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]  1805
    Battles of Trafalgar and Austerlitz  1815
    Battle of Waterloo 1839
    Death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh  1845 - 1846
    First Anglo-Sikh War
      1848 - 1849
    Second Anglo-Sikh War
    Annexation of the Punjab   1854 - 1856
    Crimean War  1870 - 1871
    Franco-Prussian War 1873
    Singh Sabha Founded 1885
    Founding of the Indian National Congress 1899 - 1901
    Boer War
    [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img]  1914 - 1918
    First World War1919
    Government of India Act    1939 - 1945
    Second World War1947
    Partition of India1947
    Partition of the Punjab       [img]http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org/interface/spacer_black.gif[/img][center]Notes: Currently the timeline the period [/center]
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