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There is no “Guru” Nanak


May 28, 2024
Baba Nanak writes as "Nanak" and not as "Guru Nanak".

If we are not permitted to call him Nanak, how are we supposed to discuss and understand his baani.

Take this line from page 750 of Aadh Granth sahib written by 5th mohalla as Nanak (how he wrote all of his baani)

sabh tay vadaa satgur naanak jin kal raakhee mayree. ||4||10||57|

Hey Nanak, The greatest of all is Satguru, He has protected me till now.

If we are not permitted to accept using the name Nanak, we will misinterpret the composition as

"the greatest of all is satguru Nanak who has protected me till now". It would destroy Aadh Granth sahib.

Another example,

mistranslation of this line from page 1192 of Aadh Granth because we are not permitted to call him Nanak. Written by 5th mohalla as Nanak.

After praising satguru helping his bhagats thru the ages, he summarizes his point in the last line as Nanak.

gur naanak dayv govind roop. ||8||1

Hey Nanak, the guru is a form of akaal purakh

If the priests dont let us say "NANAK" how can baani be discussed?

This rule is meant to keep us from ever comprehending baani.

The alteration of Aadh Granths' name to Guru Granth by priests further confused us.