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The Tomes Of The Khalsa Part III: The Doctrine Of Utter Dread (from Sikh Archives)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The Gentle Vicar Of Christ, Pope Innocent The XXIV, the molester of innocents and innocent pagan children too, turned to the Regent Richelieu, heartless crueltor and Butcher of The Celts; and said:

The Ministry Of our Lord Christ cannot prevail if we march our armies against the Pagans and Heathens across the Rhine. Rather, the slow poison is a far better elixir for these savages. I have already promulgated the sacred doctrine that heathens are not human beings made in the image of God and hence do not feel any pain when killed; just like animals. But after great tormented discourses with The Christ, I have come to believe that we should not use this doctrine to implement the slaughter of these German Heathens. We may not prevail. Far better to enslave them silently and for eternity. I have now come to believe that the Doctrina Formidilosus is the slow and deadly poison that the Lamb Of God would himself have doctored to bring these misbegotten and savage pagans into the joyful fold of Our Gentle and True Lord. Sometimes the Lamb Of God must be like a ravenous and blood thirsty wolf; for else how can the blood of The Lamb Of God be replenished? Much blood is spilled by Our Lord Of Mercy in the cherished task of saving souls. Verily the ways of our Lord are mysterious and wondrous. These heathens must be taught to live in fear and utter dread.

This Sacred Doctrine Of Utter Dread that every peasant is born evil and will suffer excruciating pains and torments in Hell if he fails to submit totally to Christ and the Papacy is our great Weapon Of Utter Enslavement. It is our true and highest sacrament. Our brothers of the similar religion Islam, are already using a like doctrina with wondrous and salutary effect on the savage heathens in The Asias. We have much to learn from our Mohammedan brothers and I have dispatched Bishop Senecus to Antioch to hold secret parley with our Brothers so that we may better refine this most wonderful Sacramental Doctrine Of Utter Dread. Dear Richelieu, a great burden is off my mind, my discourses with Our Savior have borne delightful fruit. The night is very late and I am tired, most Dear Richelieu summon some innocent and pure children to my Chambers, verily I feel the need to play like an innocent child of our Lord Saviour. Ah Richelieu! I am famished; sup with me tonight.

The humble Vicar of Christ turned to a page and inquired, what evening fare is prepared, page?

Bowing very low, the page answered: if it pleases your most beneficent and illuminated lordship, African octopus, lightly broiled and smothered by chunks of the white meat of Egyptian Asp and garnished with a sauce of ground snails, all served by German Vandal maidens, freshly enslaved by raiding parties across the Rhine.

The assassins of the Vicar Of Christ relentlessly pursued the valiant Knight Gundwulf to the shores of the Baltic Sea and there they killed him. They believed that he had knowledge of the secret Doctrina Formidilosus. As Gundwulf lay dying by the side of that Great Cold Sea and as vultures circled lazily far above in the gray sky; he turned his head towards Gwendolyn and said:

The salient hallmark of the Great Semite religions is the use of fear to control the peasants. In both Christianity and it’s sister religion of The Book, which is Islam; fear and utter dread are the two mightiest swords which are used to enslave the Pagan Tribes. It is the great secret battle axe of these Religions and it enslaves tribes and nations forever. Verily it is the cleverest deceit of the Semites, for it will devour all the pagan tribes. Though I lie dying and my clock has run it’s compass; all is not lost. The Tome is on The Silk Road and verily I rest contented that the Knights Of The Khalsa Order will smite these vulgar, profane and vile serpents and their ill pretense of love. The Religion Of The Great Falsifier shall wither in the presence of the iron of The Knights Of The Khalsa Order. Please pray for me fair Gwendolyn, that I may merge into The True God. Dear Princess, a darkness is descending.
Hearing these words from the Valiant Knight , Gwendolyn softly and tenderly began the recitation of The Respected Chant. And so died the valiant Knight Gundwulf.


A carrot and cudgel approach is used to induce conversion to Christianity. Fear not love is the primary motivating factor in Christianity. If you do not accept Christ as the son of God and the Bible as the word of God then you will be consigned forever to Hell. Hell is a terrible place where you suffer excruciating torments, tortures and punishments forever. Therefore in order to avoid these pains and tortures, you must become a Christian. Once you are a Christian you can enjoy eternal life in Heaven. Heaven is a very pleasurable and blissful place where you will enjoy the company of God, angels and other great Christian personalities. You should spend your time converting heathens and pagans to Christianity; this is a virtuous activity. Historically Christianity was spread by the sword; particularly the savage enslavement of the Germanic tribes who fiercely resisted conversion. Christianity uses love and fear to induce conversion. Love is presented as the predominating characteristic of Christianity to heathens who are motivated by love and where love fails to induce conversion, fear is used to effect conversion by inducing psychological trauma in the heathen. In modern times, Christianity has begun using bribes to induce conversion.

Fear is used keep a converted population in a state of servility. The Roman Church had a unique system to control people. All Christians were required to go to their Priest every week and make confession. The priest would obviously report sensitive information up the chain of command to the Pope.

The Role Of Fear In Life: Christians are taught to obey worldly temporal power and priestly institutions and conform to the dictates of the prevailing government. (Romans XII). They are taught to be fearful of retribution from God. Despite the negative footprint of the great semite religion, Christianity, ancient pre-christian customs pertaining to resistance to tyranny and freedom have persisted strongly.


Like Christianity, fear not love is the primary motivating factor. Islam means submission to God. Islam emphasizes fear rather than love. The Islamic God does not have too much love in him. He is meant to be feared, not loved. According to Islam all heathens go to Hell and there are no exceptions.

Furthermore Muslims are commanded by the Koran to convert heathens by the sword. Waging war to convert heathens is a very desirable activity and the history of Islam is littered by vivid instances of forcible conversion. The bejibbers are scared out of heathens to induce them to convert to Islam and if that does not help, a sharp sword always seems to work wonders. In countries which are dominated by Islam, freedom of conscience is prohibited and adherents of other religions are prohibited from publicly practising their faith. If you are a muslim and attempt to adopt another religion, you will lose your head. If you submit to Islam you can gain entry to Heaven. Heaven is populated by beauties (freely available to you) and there is abundant wine, slaves and so forth. You will have a very good time in the Islamic Heaven. Like Christianity this is the carrot and cudgel technique of inducing conversion.

The Role Of Fear In Life: Moslems are taught to obey worldly temporal power and religious institutions and conform to the dictates of the prevailing government. The only exception to this is the circumstance where it is believed that secular power is against The Koran. Democratic institutions have never taken hold in Islamic countries and there is no religious basis for them. Moslems are taught to be fearful of retribution from God. However, there has been continuous and persistent agitation and rebellion through time to establish a pure Islamic state governed by Islamic Law (“sharia“). This is the basis for Jihad and the objective of Jihad.


Conversion to Hinduism has never been emphasized as a desirable activity. Therefore neither fear nor reward is used to induce conversion.

The Role Of Fear In Life: The Hindu has a fear that he will be punished terribly by a God or Goddess when he dies.The hold of fear and superstition is very strong in Hinduism. Hinduism has always been a very reactionary and conservative religion. Hinduism has successfully maintained a very stratified caste system for over 2,000 years. The Hindu caste system is a system of social status based on race. Caste is an integral part of the hindu religion.

Hinduism is apartheid in the guise of religion. There has essentially never been any instance where Hindus have rebelled to change the social order. The lack of social rebellion and causa belli appears to indicate that Hindu society is a system of global and pervasive ambient fear. This is a result of religion, cultural development and other very complex civilizational factors. This is not a civilization that could give birth to the likes of Rousseau, Jefferson, Thoreau, Fermat, or John Kennedy.


Though converting other people to Buddhism is a desirable activity, it is not emphasized. Fear is not used to induce conversion, rather it is desirable that persons understand the precepts of The Buddha.

The Role Of Fear In Life: The only role of fear in life for a Buddhist is the fear that he will be punished when he dies. Fear is not an essential characteristic of Buddhist based civilizations and is not used as a tool for religious conversion.


The Sikh Religion has a very well-founded theory of fear. A prime injunction of the Sikh Religion is: Fear No One And Put Fear In Nobody.

True Sikhs do not recognize any difference between life and death and do not recognize the importance of blood relationships. Hence true Sikhs do not have any fear. When a Sikh takes the baptism of the double edged sword he is symbolically drinking death. By abandoning the false entanglements of this world (maya), the false virtuosity of blood relationships and taking the baptism of the double edged sword, true Sikhs are enjoined to totally abandon fear.

When a Sikh takes the baptism of the double-edged broadsword, he drinks amrit (the nectar of God). Symbolically this means that he is drinking death. The baptism of a Sikh means that he no longer distinguishes between life and death. They are one and the same, except for a transformation.

And true Sikhs have no enmity. Sikhs are supposed to fight wars without emotion – that is, do not hate your enemy even in battle and do not exult in killing the enemy. This principle is frequently remembered in the context of Guru Hargobind, who is said never to have displayed any emotion on the field of battle.

Sikhs do not view death in the same terms as the adherents of other religions and as a consequence they can be incredibly brave and dangerous.
The practical demonstration of the Principle to Fear No One and Induce Fear In No One is exemplified in the Chardi Kala spirit.

Chardi Kala refers to a state of mind where a fearless, brave and optimistic attitude is maintained, even in the most daunting and oppressive off circumstances. It is a requirement imposed on Sikhs as a religious obligation to maintain the Chardi Kala spirit. At the core of the concept is the idea that there is no difference between life and death and that the material world is ultimately of no consequence. The concept was articulated by the Lord Of The Falcons, Guru Gobind Singh. It was a psychological weapon used by Sikhs to fight armies that vastly out-numbered them.

The greatest treasure of the Chardi Kala spirit is the saying of Guru Gobind Singh in the jungles of Macchiwara:

I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and I shall make one man fight a legion then only shall I be called Guru Gobind Singh.

The context of this saying and the complete verse is as follows:

While in the jungles of Machiwara, a messenger arrived to inform Guru Gobind Singh that his two sons, Sahibzada Jujhar Singh and Sahibzada Zorawar Singh aged seven and nine years old had been bricked into a wall alive upon their refusal to convert to Islam. The Guru was uprooting a small shrub from the ground as the tale of martyrdom in the cause of the Religion of Slave Nanak was recounted by the messenger. The Guru then said:

just as I uproot this shrub so shall I extirpate the Turk. I shall set a fire under the hooves of their stallions and I shall not let them drink the water of My Punjab. I shall make the sparrow hunt the hawk and make one man fight a legion. Then only shall I be called Guru Gobind Singh.

After this incident, Guru Gobind Singh composed the epic poem Zafarnameh (Epistle Of Victory) in the Persian language and dispatched two warriors to ride 2000 kilometres southward into the Deccan Plateau to deliver the Epistle to the Emperor.

The Zafarnama is similar in style to Firdousi’s Persian epic medieval ballad Shahnameh (Epistle Of The Kings) composed around 1000 A.D. and is written in very chaste Classical Persian. It is off the same stature as Beowulf.
Implicit in the Chardi Kala Spirit is the notion that numbers do not matter. That the quality of spirit is much more important than numbers. As I said previously, true Sikhs can be incredibly dangerous foes.

From the heretics guide to religion http://www.sikharchives.com/?p=7049


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