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    Heritage Four Centuries In Its Corners (National Archives India & Slideshow)

    A Sikh hunts for a lost ancestor in Japan. William Dalrymple seeks precious details about the last Mughal. Both find answers at the National Archives of India. Now, with a new director general at the helm, this repository of memory is trying even harder to tell you your history. We spent a...
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    The Tomes Of The Khalsa Part III: The Doctrine Of Utter Dread (from Sikh Archives)

    The Gentle Vicar Of Christ, Pope Innocent The XXIV, the molester of innocents and innocent pagan children too, turned to the Regent Richelieu, heartless crueltor and Butcher of The Celts; and said: The Ministry Of our Lord Christ cannot prevail if we march our armies against the...
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    Sikh Busmen Win Battle To Wear Turbans (31 Years Ago, The Guardian Archives)

    WOLVERHAMPTON, WEDNESDAY The Sikh employees of Wolverhampton Transport Committee have won their battle to wear their turbans while working on the town's buses. The committee decided today to lift its ban after a last-minute intervention by the Department of Employment and Productivity...
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    Hinduism The Sai Baba Scamster (from Sikh Archives)

    by Acharya S. In the early 1990s, my attention was drawn to the popular Indian guru and godman Satya Sai Baba. For a period, I spent much time watching every video and reading every book I could find about the man. My study occurred before the internet was popular, and there was not much...
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    Shabad Gurbani : With Each Breath Meditate On The Name Of God (Sikh Archives)

    From the Sikh scriptures, the Respected Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred hymn at ang (appendage of the living body) 679 (page 569:) (uttered by Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Nanak): Saas (breath) saas (breath) simroh (meditate ) Gobind (God) [ With each breath of your body meditate upon God...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom High Resolution Photography Of Attack On Golden Temple

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