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Charitropakhyan The Story Of Anoop Kaur: An Analysis By Gurpreet Singh Sumraj


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Anoop Kaur, Girlfriend of Guru Gobind Singh (as per Piara Singh Padam)?

Anoop Kaur, Girlfriend of Guru Gobind Singh (as per Piara Singh Padam)?
-Gurpreet Singh Sumra

Piara Singh Padam, a well known writer who has written many books. In one of his books titled “Dasam Granth Darshan”, Padam has crossed all the limits by saying that some of the sexcapades in erotica known as Charitropakhyan from Sexy Granth also known as Dasam Granth are actual stories, that occurred with Guru Gobind Singh himself.

The stories according to Padam that happened with Guru Gobind Singh ji are eroticas/charitars 16,21,22 and 23 from eroticpakhyan/charitropakhyan.
We will talk about the story of Anoop Kaur, which is in erotica 21, but briefly touch the other erotica/charitar which Padam has attributed to Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Erotica/Charitar 16:

Dohara “teer satudarv ke huto rehat raye sukh paye
Darab het tih thaur hi ramjani ik aayi...”)

Story in brief: Note: king/raja as per Padam is Guru Gobind Singh
A king used to leave happily by the bank of satluj river ,where a prostitute came to live.She was very beautiful, she got attracted towards Raja, but Raja didn’t give a damn about her. Then she made the appearance of jogi(hermit) and went into the court of Raja. Raja saw that jogi and thought that he should learn some “jantar mantar “ from that jogi.

So secret arrangements were made and at midnight Raja went there to learn Jantar Mantar. Jogi told Raja to bring Rice,flowers and GOOD ALCOHOL/SHARAB. Then Jogi told King that I will show you magic/chamatkar, I will change gender, as male I will teach you Jantar Mantar and as female I will have sexual intercourse with you.

King said one who teaches Mantar is like Father and Mother, how can I have Sexual Intercourse with you?

Then jogi said that I made this appearance to meet you, now have sex with me, come and lie down on my bed.

If you will try to run then I will make noise and will get you caught as thief and if you will not have SEX with me then I will hurl abuses at you.

Then she pleads with King to have Sex with her, King then tells her that I came to learn Mantar, I will not have sex with you. She tried all the means but could not convince the King to have sexual intercourse with her.

Then she went out and started shouting chor-chor/thief, listening to it people came there. Then she told(people) them that I was just shouting as I had a bad dream. When people left, she told King, that have Sex with me or I will get you caught.

Then king thought that I am in a tight position, if I will have intercourse with her, and if a son is born he will become a pimp and if daughter is born she will become a prostitute.

So King told her to bring “post,bhang,afim,sharab” marijuana,opium,alcohol

Dohara "post,bhang,afeem bahu gehari bhang ghutaai Turat taran layawat bhai mad sat waar chuaai"

Alcohol was obtained after seven rounds. Then after consuming these intoxicants she passed out, then King gave her 60 mohars and ran away.
Erotica/Charitar 21,22,23:

There was a rich lady Anoop kaur, in Anandpur. She was attracted towards Guru Gobind Singh, so she called Magan Das ,Guru Saabs Servant and sent a message that if Guru Gobind Singh ji wants to learn Bhagauti Mantar, then Guru Saab should go and meet her at night.

When Guru Gobind Singh reached there She said she wants to have sexual intercourse with Guru Gobind Singh ji, when Guru saab refused then she said that you should then pass through(under) my legs. Guru Gobind Singh ji said ,that person will pass through your legs who is impotent and can’t perform sexually:

"Noop kaur yo kahi bhog mau so piye kariye...
aaj humare saath mitar ruchi so rat kariye
ho natar chhado tang tare abb hoye nikariye...
Tang tare so jaayi kel ke jahe na aawe
Baith nipunsak rahe rain sigar na bajawe..." (charitar 21,part 27-29)

Then when she could not convince Guru Gobind Singh ji, she started shouting chor-chor/thief, Guru Saab started running but was chased and surrounded by other people. Then Guru Gobind Singh ji slapped her brother and took off her brothers turban and told people that this is the thief. Guru Gobind Singh left his shoe there.

Then in the morning Guru Gobind Singhji summoned Anoop Kaur to his court, and told her that what you did was not right---, and at the end Guru Gobind Singh ji asked her for forgiveness and fixed a pension of 20,000 rupees half yearly for Anoop Kaur:

"chhima karo ab triya tume bahur naa kariye raandh
Bees sahansa taka tise dayi chhimai baandh" (charitar 23,last part) )
Now the point to think is that if this happened with Guru Gobind Singh ji:

  1. It means Guru Gobind Singh ji used to tell Sikhs to read and follow Gurbani and himself used to learn Jantar Mantars.
  2. Why would Guru Saab learn bhagauti mantar and why would they ask for forgiveness?
  3. Great and fearless personality,Guru Gobind Singh, who challenged the tyrant rulers was so afraid of some woman that she started saying chor-chor, and Guru Gobind Singh started running leaving behind his shoes and blanket?
  4. Can a woman threaten Guru Gobind Singh, and say that I will get you caught by saying that you are thief?
  5. Why did Guru Gobind Singh fixed a pension of 20000?, a large amount even today,not to mention that time.
  6. Guru Gobind Singh used to make people consume bhang/marijuana,afeem/opium,sharaab/alcohol?

This is clearly a writing of some drug and sex addict. Whenever the writer or poet feels urge to have some intoxicants , then starts mentioning them. It is also clear from this Erotica and Sexy Granth/Dasam Granth that the poet used to ENJOY sexual intercourse after consuming intoxicants like bhang,afeem,dode,sharab.

Shame on such Sikhs who say that this is the real story of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Wake up Sikhs! It is high time such writers and writings should be condemned. Such book should not even be there in libraries of Gurdwaras rather they should be burnt and banned from further publications.

Sant Samaj,Dere wale babe, Taksali support this Granth at the behest of Hindutva Agencies, because they don’t want Sikhs to read bani in Guru Granth Sahib. They want them to get attached to these sexy stories and want to divide them.

This is the only purpose of the Govt. funded agency called Sant Samaj, to divide Sikhs and declare them as Hindus. Former Sewadar (Jathedar) of Akal Takht Puran Singh openly declared that Sikhs are offsprings of Luv and Kush.

This Sexy Granth also declares that Guru Nanak is from the family/khandaan of Luv and Guru Gobind Singh from the family of Kush?? Message is clear, Sant Samaj ,Govt. funded agency, wants to declare Sikhs as Hindus.I will write in other article about this Luv Kush story.
It is the duty of every Sikh to challenge who so ever says that this Sexy Granth is the pen man ship of Guru Gobind Singh.

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