The Power Of Pondering ! What If Punjab Was An Islamic State ? Can It Still Become?

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Dec 8, 2005
Dear brothers/sisters


I was doing a thought expirement what if I was a muslim family. I just wanted to share it with you.

I have 3 children if I was to bring them as a muslim father.

My son would be getting to become a jihadi to blow up people just because they did not follow my religion. Atleast he is today studying to become a particle phyiscst

My first daughter would be in burqa not getting educated . Today she desires to study and open an automobile garage.

My 2 daughter would have got married to some old Arab sheikh. She today is keen to become a biotechnologist .

The next question is that can we still become Muslims ?

I do not think so atleast by old way /trick of use of force or inducement we can be converted.

How ever we still run the risk of loosing the demographic battles/ bilogical birth warfare rates.

There are ways this could happen as
discussed by me under thread on this site

1) Missing Sikh Girl

Indian muslim a sucess story:- lessons for Indian Sikhs

3) Singh is King: A incomplete/mischevious slogan without worker

We should not aim to be kings ( except in sense of pursit of excellence ) as we could loose the demographic battle.

We must strive to be a worker's( physical /mental ) as our Guru's told us in bhai lalo Sakhi.

You could be a worker at any place of your choice such as construction worker / computer hardware worker / mechanic/ space station builder/ robot factory worker/builder of road/bridges/train tracks.

Our Guru would be happy in seeing his SIKHs making a lively hood out of his hard work of body or brain.

I personally feel trading is one thing which is really Lower in strata of works because you are living of some ones elses hard work.


hps62:) :wah:

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