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The Law Of Non-Resistance

Discussion in 'General' started by Astroboy, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    The Law of Non-Resistance

    by Frank Butterfield posted at 2:11 pm under Law of Attraction, Manifesting

    This universal law tells us that when we resist a condition, person, or thing that we don’t like or want, we are adding power to it.
    This is usually opposite of what we think our resistance is doing. We think by resisting something that it will go away or leave us alone. Resistance keeps us stuck. Non-resistance allows us to go free.
    Resistance can come up quickly once we have gotten clear about our heart’s desire and have started engaging with the Law of Attraction.
    As many of us have experienced directly, the universe is constantly conspiring with us to bring every resource, person, or thing to us that will create the desires of our heart.
    But when we resist people, situations, or things, then this energy (which emanates from our minds) slows and blocks that flow. It’s as if we are in a river, headed along the way. We get scared for whatever reason, and grab on to some rocks. If we are holding on tightly, we will never move.
    When you are feeling resistant, you are literally stopping the flow and interrupting all of the good that the universe is sending your way.
    Try this exercise. Using these steps will help you let go and let the flow of the universe be restored:
    When you become aware of any resistance to a person, thing, or situation, try to feel the resistance and see if you can identify it somewhere in your body or in your emotions. Once you become aware of the feeling, ask yourself the following questions:
    1. “Can I accept this person, thing, or situation that I am resisting exactly as it is?”
    2. “Can I forgive this person, thing, or situation for not being what I wanted it to be? Can I forgive myself for wanting this person, thing, or situation to be what I wanted it to be?”
    3. “What is the reason I am resisting this person, thing, or situation? (What do I think will happen if I don’t?) Is this true right now?”
    4. “Will this reason for resisting be true forever? (Think about how long forever is).”
    When I do this exercise, I identify how I feel initially so I know when I have released my resistance. I know that I am not resisting once I the feeling I first identified is lighter or is gone.
    Usually, the resistance releases with the first question. But sometimes, I’m holding on for such “good reasons” that I have to go all the way through the process (and even repeat it), before I’m willing to let go.
    This is a great exercise to do with a trusted friend. You can take turns identifying resistance and then walking each other through the steps.
    Finally, this works best when you are willing to feel all the emotions that may come up. Resistance is almost always emotionally-driven.
    And, of course, if you feel overwhelmed emotionally, please seek the assistance of a licensed mental health practitioner.
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