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Sufism The Jerrahis Zikr (Simran)


Nov 14, 2010
Sat Nam _/|\_

So if you ever wondered what it feels like to be part of a Sufi zikr (Divine Remembrance), this might be the video for you. These are Jerrahi dervishes. animatedkhanda1

Ya Hayy Ya Hayy! (O Life of Life!)

This is why I never made Sikhi my religion. The sheikhs would not have trouble with it, but to become a Sikh one must not have any allegiance to another religion.

Some fun coincidences:hat
My relationship with Sufi Zikr is why I won't become a Sikh
My Sikh spiritual name means zikr (simran)
Sikhi teaches chanting and meditating on the Naam is the easiest way to God-Consciousness.

Even if I never formally embrace Sikhi, I am grateful that I can hang out with Sikhs online like this.


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