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The Gurumukh mind seeks ‘Hargunn’


May 28, 2024
The manmukh debate the Nirgun or the sagunn idea of god. They see it as an external entity that is pleased when we do ritual chantings or worshipping and will fix our mind .

The gurumukh, on the other hand, becomes part of his name and channels Akaal purakh thru himself as

'har gunn'

In this poem On Page 103-16 by 5th mahalla, he writes,

naam Dhi-aa-ay mahaa sukh paa-i-aa.

contemplating reality I have attained great comfort

har gun gaaye meraa man seetlaa-i-aa

Seeking (gaaye) the qualities of Akaal purakh (har gunn) has made my mind peaceful

The Dr. Brahmin (English translation) incorrectly define "har gunn gaaye' as 'singing praises of god'

The gurumukh seeks out (gaaye) qualities of god (har gunn) within himself.

While Manmukh worship god as nirgun or sagunn, the gurumukh live out Akaal purakh as Har gunn that are given by the satguru within them