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"The Guru Covers Their Faults"

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, May 5, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1339

    pRBwqI mhlw 5 ]
    guru pUrw pUrI qw kI klw ]
    gur kw sbdu sdw sd Atlw ]
    gur kI bwxI ijsu min vsY ] dUKu drdu sBu qw kw nsY ]1]
    hir rMig rwqw mnu rwm gun gwvY ]
    mukquo swDU DUrI nwvY ]1] rhwau ]
    gur prswdI auqry pwir ]
    Bau Brmu ibnsy ibkwr ]
    mn qn AMqir bsy gur crnw ]
    inrBY swD pry hir srnw ]2]
    And shj rs sUK Gnyry ]
    dusmnu dUKu n AwvY nyry ]
    guir pUrY Apuny kir rwKy ]
    hir nwmu jpq iklibK siB lwQy ]3]
    sMq swjn isK Bey suhyly ]
    guir pUrY pRB isau lY myly ]
    jnm mrn duK Pwhw kwitAw ]
    khu nwnk guir pVdw FwikAw ]4]8]

    prabhaathee mehalaa 5 ||
    gur pooraa pooree thaa kee kalaa ||
    gur kaa sabadh sadhaa sadh attalaa ||
    gur kee baanee jis man vasai || dhookh dharadh sabh thaa kaa nasai ||1||
    har ra(n)g raathaa man raam gun gaavai ||
    mukathuo saadhhoo dhhooree naavai ||1|| rehaao ||
    gur parasaadhee outharae paar ||
    bho bharam binasae bikaar ||
    man than a(n)thar basae gur charanaa ||
    nirabhai saadhh parae har saranaa ||2||
    anadh sehaj ras sookh ghanaerae ||
    dhusaman dhookh n aavai naerae ||
    gur poorai apunae kar raakhae ||
    har naam japath kilabikh sabh laathhae ||3||
    sa(n)th saajan sikh bheae suhaelae ||
    gur poorai prabh sio lai maelae ||
    janam maran dhukh faahaa kaattiaa ||
    kahu naanak gur parradhaa dtaakiaa ||4||8||

    Prabhaatee, Fifth Mehl:
    The Guru is Perfect, and Perfect is His Power.
    The Word of the Guru's Shabad is unchanging, forever and ever.
    All pains and afflictions run away from those, whose minds are filled with the Word of the Guru's Bani. ||1||
    Imbued with the Lord's Love, they sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
    They are liberated, bathing in the dust of the feet of the Holy. ||1||Pause||
    By Guru's Grace, they are carried across to the other shore;
    they are rid of fear, doubt and corruption.
    The Guru's Feet abide deep within their minds and bodies.
    The Holy are fearless; they take to the Sanctuary of the Lord. ||2||
    They are blessed with abundant bliss, happiness, pleasure and peace.
    Enemies and pains do not even approach them.
    The Perfect Guru makes them His Own, and protects them.
    Chanting the Lord's Name, they are rid of all their sins. ||3||
    The Saints, spiritual companions and Sikhs are exalted and uplifted.
    The Perfect Guru leads them to meet God.
    The painful noose of death and rebirth is snapped.
    Says Nanak, the Guru covers their faults. ||4||8||

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