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The Foolish Punjabi Sikh ?

Dec 8, 2005
Dear Brothers


I was reading a post by Sardar IS Dhillion. on this site titled .

No Ones Responding?

and it was like a horror story repeating it self.

which read like this:

"If you look at punjab today a lot of gujjar have entered punjab and they dont let their children go to normal school they get taught by mullahs once a week and they cut themselves of from the rest of society and breed fanaticism which will then isolate them and they will refuse to integrate and bobs your uncle they want to seperate, its a cycle of historical abise and has to be ended at some point."

It reminds me of 1947.

The muslims use to keep on telling us before partation that we were kings and not fit to do this job and that job. So they kept on taking our jobs one after other. We kept on gloating about our royality like tastes.

Then once they got into majority we were kicked out of our beloved west punjab and all the attendants Gurdwaras.
We have now to beg them to go there thru visas etc.

Today even one Sikh joining in west Punjab is a news today eg
" Pakistan Army gets first Sikh officer (rediff.com) " news on this site.

Had the land been with us we would have had an Army of Sikhs standing tall and recaptured all our lost land.

The new style after 1900 by muslim launches his jihad is not the classical battle field which our forefather fought. (It is more like a slow imperceptible poision seeping the strength and vitality of your society):-

So how is the new Jihad carried out:-

1 ) Take over all the low jobs
2 ) make sikh feel like a King so that he does not do these jobs.
3 ) live frugally in name of Allah. say that Allah likes poor people.
4) replicate vigrously as there are more low paid jobs ;(than the jobs of policeman which sikh boys love to join> gues give them a silly sense of power of the lathi variant).
5 ) at opportune time once muslims are in majority .They will sumberge sikhs in east Punjab by Demographic drowning.

Already parts of Assam and Bengal have been lost to muslims in this manner.

If two family one Sikh and one muslims begin a life on a piece of land then a 100 years later Sikh would have gone extinct for sure.

We lost west pakistan in a similar way .

Now with our boys finding singing and emigrating as the only profession worthy of pursuit and respect.

No farming/ No education / No worker in factory .
He wants to be richie rich by singing with a load of girls and liqour in his hand .

:wah: have mercy on our future generation the history will repeat itself.

East Punjab would also be gone one day .

We would be the biggest diapora ( refugees) . Kicked from one country to other dong the lowest and unwanted kind of jobs.
Rather then doing science/ buillding Space station / robots.

Then I think we can proudly display the title of
" Foolish sikh "

God bless us with common sense to see thru games other religions play with our young religion.




Apr 3, 2005
the main reason of all sikh problems is that our low population.sikhs kept on repeating that sikhism is about quality not quantity.how can quality rule over quantity.we lost west punjab because sikhs never try to convert other people as a result our population was very small in west punjab and the areas were given to pakistan.the mistake sikhs are repeating the same mistake and their population in punjab decreasing.
Sep 11, 2005
"Now with our boys finding singing and emigrating as the only profession worthy of pursuit and respect. "

This has been pointed out in many posts , that why Sikh leave India .. But the answers were candy flous like ..

"To spread sikhi.." and gave fair justification that our gurus also did .

Now why cry and yell ... More over you say "Hukame andar sabko bahar hukam na koi " and many such justifications ..

May 16, 2005
Vernon, BC Canada
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Honestly, we have a lot of people in the world that call themselves “Sikh”, sadly, as one person pointed out, the actual number of Sikhs who follow the basic fundamental values and principles of Sikh are far less.

The population is not so much an issue, we have lots of it, but the quality is poor – many of us really don’t have the desire or will to go forward and go above and beyond what is minimum, some don’t even do the minimum.

We need to expand into other areas, get our existing Sikh population exposed to the vigor and energy of new people. Trying to enforce and energize our existing numbers is also very important.

And because there is a overly dominant style of language/culture/people in Sikh, we tend to get over exposed to one another and develop negative or stereotype ideas. When new ppl try to join, we may react in a unpleasant or less than ideal way.

This can be eventually countered by balancing the new/existing ratio.

-Bindy Bains
(Formerly Khalsa Starr)
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