The Ethics Of God

Jun 1, 2004
Standing in front of me in a large stadium on a stage in front of the worlds TV cameras was a simple looking man that we have come to know as God.
The world had known for sometime that this event was going to take place, the world’s media had been in a frenzy of headlines for about a month.
There in front of the world stood a man who had become God, his story was well known and evidence to support his title was easy and clear to see.
In other words there was absolutely no doubt about his achievement in becoming “God” not just for here on earth but the entire universe, every culture every rock every star.
With out obvious reason the entire stadium fell into a hushed silence and people sat quietly with no sound.
Slowly this man on stage moved to the microphones in the centre of the stage.
With a air of supreme patience he apologised for having to use the microphone as he had a policy that conventional communications were more appropriate for this aspect of his work. ( “when in Rome......”)
This was the first time he had addressed the world using this medium.
He said he had just one question that he wanted us all to ponder on.
“As the reason for my success in achieving Godhood as a man was due to my respect for the self determination and freewill of my people, my children, I ask you a question that you are fully free to find an answer to.”
“The world as you know is a very violent place, fear of violence is constant. You have been praying for world peace and I have now begun to listen.”
“As you know I have the ability to remedy this situation, with out any restriction with in 7 days the world could be free of offensive violence of any sort.”
“The capacity to inflict intentional or insanely inspired harm can be removed from humanity. It will become impossible for any one to inflict violence on another simply because there will be no desire to do so.”
“This being achieved by careful changes in the world energy dynamic”
“There is no hidden agenda, and no negative impacts on other aspects of your humanity”
“ I ask you, is this what you want?”
“Or do you wish to continue in your struggle against war and violence on your own with out my intervention?”
“By my grace I grant you full choice in this matter”
“ One thing that is necessary to consider is that humanities participation in Universal affairs in the immediate future would be severely encumbered if you choose to decide to the negative.”
“Another thing to consider is that once violence is can always be restored just as easily.” “Do you wish to be part of an experiment?’
“Your answer is required within 30 days”
“A future is now pending your decision”
Upon which he moved away from the microphone an sat down, the audience slowly stood and noisily made their way out of the stadium.

This episode leaves me stunned by it’s simplistic ethical dilemma.

There were many unspoken aspects to this dream as well especially regards to his comment about Future Universal affairs which implied humanity becoming a part of a universal community ( no longer isolated becsue of our violent tendencies)

How would you answer the question posed by God about violence?


Jul 26, 2004
New Delhi, India
A fantastic case:

what i feel that being in the situation myself, i wud like to continue the struggle towards humanityn non voilence on our own, and hopefully we will evolve as a better human beings, walking on the paths shown by Sri guru granth sahib ji and there wud eventually be no need of voilence.

reminds me of bhai ravidas ji panna 345

bygm purw shr ko nwau ]
Baygumpura, `the city without sorrow`, is the name of the town.
bygm purw shr ko nwa ]
baygam puraa sahar ko naa-o.
dUKu AMdohu nhI iqih Twau ]
There is no suffering or anxiety there.
dUKu ANdohu nhI iqih Twa ]
dookh andohu nahee tihi thaa-o.
nW qsvIs iKrwju n mwlu ]
There are no troubles or taxes on commodities there.
nW qsvIs iKrwju n mwlu ]
naaN tasvees khiraaj na maal.
KauPu n Kqw n qrsu jvwlu ]1]
There is no fear, blemish or downfall there. ||1||
KaPu n Kqw n qrsu jvwlu ]1]
kha-uf na khataa na taras javaal. ||1|
| Ab moih KUb vqn gh pweI ]
Now, I have found this most excellent city.
Ab moih KUb vqn gh pweé ]
ab mohi khoob vatan gah paa-ee.
aUhW KYir sdw myry BweI ]1] rhwau ]
There is lasting peace and safety there, O Siblings of Destiny. ||1||Pause|| åhW KYir sdw myry Bweé ]1] rhwa ]
oohaaN khair sadaa mayray bhaa-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
kwiemu dwiemu sdw pwiqswhI ]
God`s Kingdom is steady, stable and eternal.
kwemu dwemu sdw pwiqswhI ]
kaa-im daa-im sadaa paatisaahee.
dom n sym eyk so AwhI ]
There is no second or third status; all are equal there.
dom n sym Ek so AwhI ]
dom na saym ayk so aahee.
Awbwdwnu sdw mshUr ]
That city is populous and eternally famous.
Awbwdwnu sdw mshUr ]
aabaadaan sadaa mashoor.
aUhW gnI bsih mwmUr ]2]
Those who live there are wealthy and contented. ||2||
åhW gnI bsih mwmUr ]2]
oohaaN ganee baseh maamoor. ||2||
iqau iqau sYl krih ijau BwvY ]
They stroll about freely, just as they please.
iqa iqa sYl krih ija BwvY ]
ti-o ti-o sail karahi ji-o bhaavai.
mhrm mhl n ko AtkwvY ]
They know the Mansion of the Lord`s Presence, and no one blocks their way. mhrm mhl n ko AtkwvY ]
mahram mahal na ko atkaavai.
kih rivdws Klws cmwrw ]
Says Ravi Daas, the emancipated shoe-maker:
kih rivdws Klws cmwrw ]
kahi ravidaas khalaas chamaaraa.
jo hm shrI su mIqu hmwrw ]3]2]
whoever is a citizen there, is a friend of mine. ||3||2||
jo hm shrI su mIqu hmwrw ]3]2]
jo ham sahree so meet hamaaraa. ||3||2||

what do u think ?
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