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The Door Of Liberation

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 971

    ijh ismrin hoie mukiq duAwru ]
    jwih bYkuMiT nhI sMswir ]
    inrBau kY Gir bjwvih qUr ]
    Anhd bjih sdw BrpUr ]1]
    AYsw ismrnu kir mn mwih ]
    ibnu ismrn mukiq kq nwih ]1] rhwau ]
    ijh ismrin nwhI nnkwru ]
    mukiq krY auqrY bhu Bwru ]
    nmskwru kir ihrdY mwih ]
    iPir iPir qyrw Awvnu nwih ]2]
    ijh ismrin krih qU kyl ]
    dIpku bWiD DirE ibnu qyl ]
    so dIpku Amrku sMswir ]
    kwm k®oD ibKu kwFIly mwir ]3]
    ijh ismrin qyrI giq hoie ]
    so ismrnu rKu kMiT proie ]
    so ismrnu kir nhI rwKu auqwir ]
    gur prswdI auqrih pwir ]4]
    ijh ismrin nwhI quih kwin ]
    mMdir sovih ptMbr qwin ]
    syj suKwlI ibgsY jIau ]
    so ismrnu qU Anidnu pIau ]5]
    ijh ismrin qyrI jwie blwie ]
    ijh ismrin quJu pohY n mwie ]
    ismir ismir hir hir min gweIAY ]
    iehu ismrnu siqgur qy pweIAY ]6]
    sdw sdw ismir idnu rwiq ]
    aUTq bYTq swis igrwis ]
    jwgu soie ismrn rs Bog ]
    hir ismrnu pweIAY sMjog ]7]
    ijh ismrin nwhI quJu Bwr ]
    so ismrnu rwm nwm ADwru ]
    kih kbIr jw kw nhI AMqu ]
    iqs ky Awgy qMqu n mMqu ]8]9]

    jih simaran hoe mukath dhuaar ||
    jaahi baiku(n)t(h) nehee sa(n)saar ||
    nirabho kai ghar bajaavehi thoor ||
    anehadh bajehi sadhaa bharapoor ||1||
    aisaa simaran kar man maahi ||
    bin simaran mukath kath naahi ||1|| rehaao ||
    jih simaran naahee nanakaar ||
    mukath karai outharai bahu bhaar ||
    namasakaar kar hiradhai maahi ||
    fir fir thaeraa aavan naahi ||2||
    jih simaran karehi thoo kael ||
    dheepak baa(n)dhh dhhariou bin thael ||
    so dheepak amarak sa(n)saar ||
    kaam krodhh bikh kaadteelae maar ||3||
    jih simaran thaeree gath hoe ||
    so simaran rakh ka(n)t(h) paroe ||
    so simaran kar nehee raakh outhaar ||
    gur parasaadhee outharehi paar ||4||
    jih simaran naahee thuhi kaan ||
    ma(n)dhar sovehi patta(n)bar thaan ||
    saej sukhaalee bigasai jeeo ||
    so simaran thoo anadhin peeo ||5||
    jih simaran thaeree jaae balaae ||
    jih simaran thujh pohai n maae ||
    simar simar har har man gaaeeai ||
    eihu simaran sathigur thae paaeeai ||6||
    sadhaa sadhaa simar dhin raath ||
    oot(h)ath bait(h)ath saas giraas ||
    jaag soe simaran ras bhog ||
    har simaran paaeeai sa(n)jog ||7||
    jih simaran naahee thujh bhaar ||
    so simaran raam naam adhhaar ||
    kehi kabeer jaa kaa nehee a(n)th ||
    this kae aagae tha(n)th n ma(n)th ||8||9||

    Remembering Him in meditation, the door of liberation is found.
    You shall go to heaven, and not return to this earth.
    In the home of the Fearless Lord, the celestial trumpets resound.
    The unstruck sound current will vibrate and resonate forever. ||1||
    Practice such meditative remembrance in your mind.
    Without this meditative remembrance, liberation will never be found. ||1||Pause||
    Remembering Him in meditation, you will meet with no obstruction.
    You will be liberated, and the great load will be taken away.
    Bow in humility within your heart,
    and you will not have to be reincarnated over and over again. ||2||
    Remember Him in meditation, celebrate and be happy.
    God has placed His lamp deep within you, which burns without any oil.
    That lamp makes the world immortal;
    it conquers and drives out the poisons of sexual desire and anger. ||3||
    Remembering Him in meditation, you shall obtain salvation.
    Wear that meditative remembrance as your necklace.
    Practice that meditative remembrance, and never let it go.
    By Guru's Grace, you shall cross over. ||4||
    Remembering Him in meditation, you shall not be obligated to others.
    You shall sleep in your mansion, in blankets of silk.
    Your soul shall blossom forth in happiness, on this comfortable bed.
    So drink in this meditative remembrance, night and day. ||5||
    Remembering Him in meditation, your troubles will depart.
    Remembering Him in meditation, Maya will not bother you.
    Meditate, meditate in remembrance on the Lord, Har, Har, and sing His Praises in your mind.
    This meditative remembrance is obtained from the True Guru. ||6||
    Forever and ever, remember Him, day and night,
    while standing up and sitting down, with every breath and morsel of food.
    While awake and asleep, enjoy the essence of this meditative remembrance.
    The Lord's meditative remembrance is obtained by good destiny. ||7||
    Remembering Him in meditation, you shall not be loaded down.
    Make this meditative remembrance of the Lord's Name your Support.
    Says Kabeer, He has no limits;
    no tantras or mantras can be used against Him. ||8||9||

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