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General The Coming Years For Sikhi


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
These are parts from my conversation with a fellow Sikh on the Sikh psyche and what Sikhs want. Veerji's thoughts (I felt) were towards separatism. Perhaps we were disconnected on some ideas and almost arguing. But I got down some points which made sense to me, where I would like Sikh community to be going. I guess we all see life through our own prisms, so here's something 100% honest from me. (His reply is in blue)

Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale said that as long as we are ghulam, we will keep fighting. Who is living like a ghulam now? No one is. The turmoil period of 1984-94 is past. We will never get justice, but we have a chance for surviving members to restore the Panth again. Many youth are doing that, without caring for their own rule of land. And igniting separatist tendencies again (which is anyway not getting much support from majority of Sikh population) we will just have another carnage upon us, without any preparation for self defence. Do you think getting away from India will mean true self rule for Sikhs? No. We will get probably another set of politicians to make our lives hell. Another set of people likes of Akali Dal and Badals. Power will always corrupt those who have it. And for Sikhs, the only way of survival is not rule of land, but togetherness of Panth. We need to help thousands of widows and poor Sikhs, from earning food and respect in life. We have to make the next generation at least half as well versed in Gurbani as Sikhs of 18th century. And we have to make them the most confident, honest and hard working bunch of youth for the next generation. Can we do that? No? We want end from gulami. OK there is a solution. Leave the lands and the politico-social filth behind. And live in the jungles and mountains. Take up the Nihang lifestyle. Gurbani and Waheguru will make sure you are prosperous, and your conscience won't disparage anyone for being a gulam. How many of the people are willing to do that? No one, the youth can just cover their faces and burn the Indian flag. India is my country, no matter how good or bad it is. India is where I was born, and it is the country which has Amritsar, the first holy place of Sikhs. 1984 is something I would never forget, just like I would never leave land of my Guru. And if we let go of our priviledges because of mistakes of 1947, mistakes we make today would take us away from our Guru as we will be lost in drawing new borders.

Do you think that the video did depict pretty correctly the grudge of the sikh psyche ? I agree with you that sikhs are not yet ready for Khalistan and you are right that corrupt politicians will rule today if sikhs have their own nation. Please read my other post where I tried to give a succinct summary of the India-sikh conflict and I did mention the dichotomy that sikh psyche is going through as to the best approach to safeguard the future of sikhee.

@ Kanwaljit, why do we need to be sikhs even ? why not give in become christians in canada, hindoos in India and so on .Why be a sikh -- such a divided community. Is Nankana not the land of the Gurus? Is Baghdad not the land of the Guru ? My friend, this is an age of discussion and debate. Today, the fight is of the ideas, the fight is in the psyche of the people. The GOI propaganda is that anyone who supports separate state for sikhs and Punjab is a violent person. You tell me, is that true? Baba Jarnaill Singh is portrayed as a violent hateful person--you tell me do u agree with that? It is very easy to be quiet and enjoy frequent trips to India. Sure-- if you say so, I can stop writing and will close my facebook account. My wife already complaints that I am spending too much time on facebook.

Nothing can capture the Sikh psyche. The main problem is that like everywhere in the world, we have have's and have not's in Sikhs too. The Haves don't care about Sikh issues and Have-Not's can't do anything. The only thing that can bring them together is pledge to safeguard future of Sikhi. Now let's be honest, how many Sikhs keep Kesh, don't drink, know Gurmukhi etc. Strength is in numbers, and we were always low on that. We got through many hardships due to Gurbani and Sawa Lakh approach of Khalsa. As for staying Sikh, we have right of self-determination of religion but not self-determination of our land (i.e. which country it belongs to). It is impossible in today's turbulent world affairs. No one has time for human rights when world's superpowers are running after oil. I agree that Nankana Sahib is also land of Guru and you know how Pakistan creates problems for visiting Sikhs. Most can visit only one place of historical importance (till lately). GoI would label all Sikhs as violent if they can to bring us down. I believe we can have better future for Sikhs without needing to go to GoI for better allowances or fighting to get back our land. Which is the need of hour. It is not as if every Sikh practices Shastra Vidya and lives in jathebandi of Sant Sipahi. Tomorrow if central backlash again hits Punjab, a few would die happily with Shaheedi, but thousands of families would be destroyed because they are powerless. Isn't it the easy way out to die as a hero and let the rest perish? Or how about the hard way that we empower all Sikh kaum with Miri Piri? You are welcome to speak your mind and welcome to India, Delhi. But remember even Jarnail Singh also left the work unfinished, he got engaged with the GoI and Indira Gandhi and gave less priority to the excellent prachar he was doing. You are free to write and mingle with Sikh Sangat on FB, but think of survival. Where Mir Manu did so many atrocities upon us to make us give up Sikhi, here we are today in such a state, that left undisturbed, our numbers would dwindle down to a few hundred pretty soon!

Scarlet Pimpernel

We seek him here,we sikh
May 31, 2011
In the Self
Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale said that as long as we are ghulam, we will keep fighting. Who is living like a ghulam now? No one is.

Veera The one who looks deep inside himself for his sense of freedom and has heart-mental clarity ,he was free then, he is free now and he is never going to be ghulam.

A Sikh is never ghulam, he is always free because his father the Guru is free ,if the head of the family is free how can the son be ghulam?



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