1. K

    India Incredible Sight Of The Elephant That Cried: Raju Was Held In Chains, Beaten And Abused For Fifty Ye

    Raju was held in chains for more than 50 years after being poached in India The animal bled from spiked shackles and lived on hand-outs from tourists Team from North London charity Wildlife SOS travelled to India to free animal Raju cried tears of joy after being freed from suffering on American...
  2. Harry Haller

    UK Sikh Extremist Jailed For 10 Years Over Knife Attack On Indian General Who Was On Holiday In London

    A Sikh man has been jailed for ten years after being convicted of attempting to assassinate a former Indian military lieutenant general in 2012. Lakhbir Singh, 26, is the latest, and final, person to be imprisoned over the attack, with three men and one woman already serving time. Lieutenant...
  3. spnadmin

    India Abandoned Sikh Youth Reunites With Uncle After 20 Years

    Abandoned Sikh youth reunites with uncle after 20 years Joy of 21-year-old Vir Singh, abandoned by his father, knew no bounds when he reunited with his paternal...
  4. aristotle

    History Remains Of 1857 Martyrs Extricated After 157 Years

    AJNALA: After nearly 157 years, the mortal remains of freedom fighters were dug out from a well at Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj, Ajnala, near Amritsar when a team of volunteers, historians and Gurdwara management committee started an excavation on its own, as the site is not protected by the...
  5. spnadmin

    World Uganda Marks 100 Years Of Sikh Presence By Issuing 4 Postage Stamps

    Uganda marks 100 years of Sikh presence by issuing 4 postage stamps By Parmjit Singh Uganda (February 10, 2014): The Uganda postal service ‘Posta Uganda’ has commemorated 100 years...
  6. A

    Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---12 Years A Slave

    Southern United States in the first half of the 19th century---a stronghold of black slavery and of those who practice it..... Northern United States in the same period---a part where slavery has been abolished.... The blacks in the northern part are are free men at least---though...
  7. Inderjeet Kaur

    USA The Kennedy Assassination - Reflections After 50 Years

    Fifty years ago to the minute, I think, I got up, got dressed and was ready to leave for school when I, for reasons unknown even to me, decided not to go to school. I was 11 and, of course, I attended school on every weekday. My announcement was met with the expected, "Why aren't you going to...
  8. Inderjeet Kaur

    Canada India Banned The Caste System 60 Years Ago, But It Lives On For Many In Metro Vancouver

    BY CHERYL CHAN, THE PROVINCE OCTOBER 9, 2013 For most of her life, Kamlesh Ahir has been trying to escape the caste system that’s defined her from birth. She went to university, abandoned her religion, and, in 1994, left India for Canada, a new land offering a fresh start. Or so she...
  9. spnadmin

    Urdu Version Of Guru Granth Sahib In 2 Years

    Urdu version of Guru Granth Sahib in 2 years Amaninder Pal Sharma, PATIALA: To disseminate principles and philosophy of the Sikh religion among Urdu-speaking population of the world...
  10. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Heritage Thirty Years In Search Of General Zorawar Singh (1786-1841)

    Thirty years – In search of General Zorawar Singh (1786 – 1841) In Amardeep Singh Photography Hundreds of human skeletons, some with frozen flesh attached to them, can still be found around Roopkund (16,500 feet), a remote glacial...
  11. spnadmin

    Prof Inder Singh Ghagga Arrested For His Three Years Old Article Written On Rakhri

    Prof Inder Singh Ghagga arrested for his three years old article written on Rakhri It has taken me 3 days to find an English language version of this story that can be trusted. There has been steadfast coverage at Rozana Spokesman in Punjabi only. So now I have one. Thank you
  12. Archived_Member16

    India Facebook Reunites Man With Family After 11 Years

    Press Trust Of India Pune, August 03, 2013 Facebook reunites man with family after 11 years Eleven years after he left his home after being scolded by his mother, 24-year-old Ankush, or Gurubaj Singh as he is called now, found his way back home this week thanks to the social media...
  13. Tejwant Singh

    SciTech Stephen Hawking: Doctors Offered To Turn Off Life Support 27 Years Ago

    Stephen Hawking: doctors offered to turn off life support 27 years ago By Hayley Dixon2:57PM BST 28 Jul 2013 Professor Stephen Hawking was once so close to death that doctors had offered to switch off his life-support machine, but his wife refused. In a new film, the renowned physicist...
  14. spnadmin

    SCORE Sikh Business Leaders Join The White House Celebrating Sikh Centennial Of Bhagat Singh Thind

    US celebrates 100 years of Sikh arrival; Sikh business leaders join the White House celebrating Sikh Centennial By Jagdeep Singh
  15. spnadmin

    Nature Africa Will Starve And Asia Will Drown In 30 Years Due To Climate Change

    There are two articles starting the thread. The first is a synopsis of climate change impact on developing countries predicted by the World Bank. The second article gives some background on the report itself, summarizing the agricultural data the World Bank analyzed. About the image: Immature...
  16. spnadmin

    Sikh Philosophy Network - Celebrating 10th Amazing Year!

    June 1 celebrates the 10th Sikh Philosophy Network parkash diwas. It would be wonderful to hear how Sikh Philosophy Network has been a friend on your spiritual journey. First, let’s get the celebration moving and our hearts beating with the rhythms of this Happy Birthday Song – Punjabi hip...
  17. spnadmin

    India Jail-born Man Bails Mother After 19 Years

    India jail-born man bails mother after 19 years By Sanjoy Majumder In a dusty tenement in a crowded neighbourhood in the Indian city of Kanpur, a young man takes out a bright yellow sari from a shopping bag and presents it to his mother...
  18. Ishna

    Pacific A Sydney [Aust] Man Who Raped And Murdered An Indian Student Has Been Jailed For At Least 30 Years

    By Isabel Hayes From:<CITE> AAP </CITE> <CITE></CITE>May 17, 20132:12PM IT was a terrible way to die. Randomly selected by her murderous neighbour - a teenager she hardly knew who had been planning a such an attack for years - 24-year-old Indian student Tosha Thakkar was raped and...
  19. Archived_Member16

    India Life After 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: 29 Years Of Struggle

    Life after 1984 anti-Sikh riots: 29 years of struggle Published on May 1, 2013 Sheeba Naaz talks to the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots about their lives since the riots and their struggle to regain a sense of normalcy.
  20. Archived_Member16

    UK 40-year-old Indian Woman Beaten And Raped In Britain, Enslaved For Years

    40-year-old Indian woman beaten and raped in Britain, enslaved for years IANS | London, April 20, 2013 | 18:07 A 40-year-old woman, said to be an "illiterate" Indian, was beaten, raped and given out-of-date food and passed between three middle-class families as a slave for many years...