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Thankless French Republic

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Aman Singh, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    In an unprecedented judgment, European Court of Human Rights has justified the ban imposed by French Government to bear turbans in schools; the controversial judgment was delivered on Thursday, 16 July.

    The verdict had left Sikh community across the world high and dry; they were anticipating judgment against the ban. French government had passed a law in the year 2004, banning the use of religious symbols namely turban in the educational institutes including schools. Even that time the issue had rocked French as well as Indian Parliament. In India, Parliament members cutting across party lines showed their anger against the controversial verdict.

    The judgment concerning banning of Turban in educational institutes in France was challenged by a Sikh named Jasbir Singh in the European Court. It was being fought by a Non Governmental Organisation-United Sikhs on behalf of Jasbir Singh.

    The verdict has no legal binding on French Government as it doesn’t require government to place its argument or response to Jasbir’s lawyer’s legal petition and diverse arguments related to it.

    According to Sikh scholars, wearing turban is an integral part of Sikh culture and rituals. Sikh community across the world adheres to it in letter and spirit. They further said that there is no point in asking a Sikh not to wear a turban.

    Even our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had raised the contentious issue during his recent visit to France with French President-Nicolas Sarkozy. But it had not turned the tide in the favor of Sikh Community.

    Thankless French

    It is sad that the European Court of Human Rights have upheld the ban imposed by French Government to wear turban in schools. Few of my friends have rightly pointed out the sacrifices made by Sikhs soldiers during the Second World War (1939 – 1945) while fighting for the British Indian army. The French government surrendered to the Germans in June 1940. It was only the resilience of British under Churchill that single-handedly fought in the Europe for almost 4 years before the Americans decided to jump into the war. One would expect that French would be grateful to British but they give a damn. After the war in the late 1950s the French staunchly opposed Britain’s entry into European Union. It was only in 1973 that Britain’s third application was not opposed by France and she was made a member of EU. Thankless French do not give a damn to any contribution made by Sikhs or Britain. They do not believe in diversity and in terms of racial equality and community cohesion they are still 25 years behind Britain and more than 30 years behind Canada. In western countries, the numbers and votes can make a difference. I understand there are 5000 Sikhs in France and almost all live in and around Paris. They can make their voice heard through a local MP but the reality of the situation is less than 10% Sikhs are ‘Keshdhari’ and rest would give a damn to the whole issue. There are hardly 5-6 Sikhs (Saabat Surat) students in question. The attitude of some Sikhs at France without children will be different. That is the reality of the situation.

    India is not a USA and in reality her voice does not carry much weight. Recently Sri Lankan army over-ran the LTTE occupied territory in North Sri Lanka. In the process they killed lot of innocent Tamil people whose only crime was that they live in that disputed territory. The southern state of Tamil Nadu (39 seats in Lok Sabha compared to 13 in Punjab) strongly protested as they share the cultural ties with those people. The Indian government at the Centre did nothing. I sincerely hope that United Sikhs will continue their good work in France and Sikhs all over the globe will help them in this mission.

    No one supports Sikh for Turban
    This may be surprise to the whole word that for 500 years Sikhs and Sikh army (with their turban) fought for others for peace and human rights in India and around the world. At that time no one questioned about their turban. Now Sikhs themself are fighting for their own turban. No one comes forward even our people of different faith from India, to support their cause. Every one has became selfish. In 1675 Ninth Guru Guru Teg Bhadur ji sacrified his life to save Hindu Brahmins from Kashmir, India. Guru was beheaded by Muslim King for protecting Hindu Brahimns. Even during World War more than 40, 000 Sikh Soliders died fighting for France. God is great. God give Sikhs strenth and wisdom and unity to continue their fight for their rights around the world.

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