Teaching Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

Oct 14, 2007
Some Illustrated Teachings of Nanak

Religion consisteth not in mere words;He who looketh on all men as equal is religious,Religion consisteth not in wandering to tombs or places of cremation, or sitting in attitudes of contemplation.Religion consisteth not in wandering in foreign countries, or in being in places of pilgrimage.Abide pure amidst the impurities of the world ;Thus shall thou find the way to religion.Hadst thou the eighteen Puranas with thee, Couldst thou recite the four Vedas.Didst thou bathe on holy days and give alms according to man's castesDidst thou fast and perform religious ceremonies day and night,Was thou a Qazi, a Mulla, or a Sheikh,A jogi, a Jangam didst thou wear an ochre-coloured dress,Or did thou perform the duties of a household--Without knowing God, Death would bind and take all away.Words do not the saint or sinner make,Action alone is written in the book of fate,What we sow that alone we take;O Nanak, be saved or forever transmigrate.A man may load carts of books.He may lead men with books to take with him.Books may be put in boats ; pits may be filled with them.A man may read books for months ; he may read them for years.He may read them for life ; he may read them while he hath breath.Nanak : only one word , God's name , would be of account.All else would be senseless discussion of the proud.

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