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Take More Breaks To Boost Productivity


Dec 29, 2011
Take more breaks to boost productivity

Start your week with an office party – your boss might thank you


Make Monday go with a bang and boost your output at work by Googling your favourite bands, videos and news sites... Anything, in fact, that isn’t your job. A new study found that, despite what your boss might think, this will actually raise your productivity.
Scientists split subjects into three groups and got one to take a 10-minute break away from their desks, one to continue working on a menial task and the third to surf the net. After the break the surfers were 16% more productive than the screenbreakers, and 36% more than those who carried on working. The best time to surf like this? Monday morning. So get cyberloafing – for the sake of the economy.
Team Professor Vivien Lim, NUS Business School



Dec 3, 2011
The success of the initial japenese motor production was done this way in the 80's.
The whole car plant would start the morning with 30 minutes of exercise and dance to music. This lead to success in production of Nissan's, honda etc.

Even the huge BMW plant in Munich have taken this view on board.
They have set up huge enclosed relaxation gardens with palm trees, waterfalls, exotic sounds of wildlife where all employees can go for unlimited time when they feel stress levels. Also they have huge dance studios, full gym and swimming facilities that can also be used when the need arises.

I asked an employee that don't people just go missing for hours on end for these unlimited stress breaks. (I could imagine myself doing 30 mins in gym then swim, sauna, hot tub totalling 2.5 hrs easily)
I was told that no, no one takes advantage of the privelage as they would feel guilt and therefore feel obliged not to abuse the privelage.

So, this activity not only increases productivity but also encourages discipline.

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