Symbolic Sikh

Is SIKH of today a symbolic

  • Sikhism is still suffused with the spirit it was endowed with.

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  • Sikh religion is in the same trap as any other Indian religion

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  • I do not know

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:) Dear brother /sister


There was a unfortunate murder of Jessica lal.

There were several witnesses but the law could not find any one guilty due to witnesess turning hostile.

There was also a Khalsa in the witness.

Still no justice. :confused: ?

Like in the tradition of our subcontinents religions.

Am I right in concluding that

" Khalsa has also become symbolic "?




today 99% or more sikhs are just naam ke there any difference between the corruption level of sikhs and other religions.sikh politicians
bussinessmen police officers are equally or more corrupt than hindus
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

i totally agree with you kds1980. Sikhi has gotten so corrupted these last couple of years, even before too. Badal, Tohra, and all those other chumchay of the govenrment, they're not helping sikhi, they're helping the gov. So many new cults and sects have come about, the Narakdhari's, Radha Swami's and the RSS. Sikhi isn't what it was before. But, this shouldn't put us down, as the new Generation we should follow Guru Ji's words, and stick to the right path. WE should take the iniative to start reading more Bani, do kirtan, learn Gatka and most of all STICK TO REHIT. It's up to us to break free from the Brahmical snake suffocating us from knowing about Sikhi and filling our blood with the poison of Manmat. It's up to us to help others around us as well who are suffering from Maya and the 5 chor. We need to stand united under the Saffron Nishan Sahib ready to do anything for the Khalsa Panth. And it's about time we start to "do something" when it comes to people insulting Sikhi. When this happens, then you can say that Sikhi is what it's supposed to be and it's in all its Glory. WE, the new generation, have to start learning from the Gursikhs around it before its too late. "Raj Karega Khalsa Akyee Rehay Na Koi" let's stick to Guru Ji's words, let's do our bani and stay humble, people from all over the world will recognize us as ONE nation, as one Kaum and when they see us so strong and willing to do anything for Guru ji, then, THEN we'll get khalsa Raj. "Rehit Pyaaree Mujh Ko, Sikh Pyaara Nahi" we must stick to Rehit as well, as Rehit is mroe pyaare to Guru Ji then a Sikh is, and rehit is what keeps naam in the body. Rehit and Naam work together, if one is failing then the other is doomed as well. In Rehit one should get up during the Ambrosrial Hours to do Naam Japna, if this rehit is not followed what is doomed? OUR NAAM JAPNA IS! Both work together and together, if rehit is not stuck to, they will decline in an individual. As one nation we must stand, and united facing whatever comes our way, with the Nishan Sahib as our Jhanda, the Jaikara as our War Cry and Guru ji as our Guidance. Only then we shall be victorious.

If Daas have said anything wrong, please forgive Daas.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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