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  1. A

    5 K's: Symbolic Or Functional?

    Curious to see how you view the 5 K's. Some people I have talked to ascribe great spiritual significance to each one, but when it come to utility, there is nothing. For example, almost all of the kirpans I have seen coming from India are not sharp at all. They're basically a thin strip of...
  2. spnadmin

    India Sikh Airport Staff May Be Allowed To Wear Symbolic Kirpan

    AMRITSAR: Sikh employees of international airports in India may not get the concession to wear kirpan while working airside. Sikh's single largest representative body, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), is all set to lay seize to Sri Guru Ramdas International airport on June 8 th ...
  3. H

    Symbolic Sikh

    :) Dear brother /sister SSAKAL There was a unfortunate murder of Jessica lal. There were several witnesses but the law could not find any one guilty due to witnesess turning hostile. There was also a Khalsa in the witness. Still no justice. :confused: ? Like in the tradition of...