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Sukhmani Sahib Astpadi 16 Sabad 2 / ਸੁਖਮਨੀ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਅਸਟਪਦੀ ੧੬ ਸਬਦ ੨

Discussion in 'Sukhmani Sahib' started by Ambarsaria, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria Canada
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    Dec 21, 2010
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    Salok (Core theme of eight sabads/hymns in the Astpadi)

    ਰੂਪੁ ਰੇਖ ਰੰਗੁ ਕਿਛੁ ਤ੍ਰਿਹੁ ਗੁਣ ਤੇ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਭਿੰਨ ਤਿਸਹਿ ਬੁਝਾਏ ਨਾਨਕਾ ਜਿਸੁ ਹੋਵੈ ਸੁਪ੍ਰਸੰਨ ੧॥
    Rūp na rekẖ na rang kicẖẖ ṯarihu guṇ ṯe parabẖ bẖinn. Ŧisėh bujẖā▫e nānkā jis hovai suparsan. ||1||
    Creator is devoid of three in form, shape and color. Nanak only such are provided understanding, whom such is pleased with.

    Eight stanzas hymn

    ਮਨਸਾ ਪੂਰਨ ਸਰਨਾ ਜੋਗ ਜੋ ਕਰਿ ਪਾਇਆ ਸੋਈ ਹੋਗੁ
    Mansā pūran sarnā jog. Jo kar pā▫i▫ā so▫ī hog.
    Fulfiller of wishes and provider of haven. As ascribed so comes to pass.

    ਹਰਨ ਭਰਨ ਜਾ ਕਾ ਨੇਤ੍ਰ ਫੋਰੁ ਤਿਸ ਕਾ ਮੰਤ੍ਰੁ ਜਾਨੈ ਹੋਰੁ
    Haran bẖaran jā kā neṯar for. Ŧis kā manṯar na jānai hor.
    Destroyer or saviour in the blink of an eye. No one else knows the deep secret.

    ਅਨਦ ਰੂਪ ਮੰਗਲ ਸਦ ਜਾ ਕੈ ਸਰਬ ਥੋਕ ਸੁਨੀਅਹਿ ਘਰਿ ਤਾ ਕੈ
    Anaḏ rūp mangal saḏ jā kai. Sarab thok sunī▫ah gẖar ṯā kai.
    Pleasant persona and happiness everlasting. So we hear all materials are in such one’s house.

    ਰਾਜ ਮਹਿ ਰਾਜੁ ਜੋਗ ਮਹਿ ਜੋਗੀ ਤਪ ਮਹਿ ਤਪੀਸਰੁ ਗ੍ਰਿਹਸਤ ਮਹਿ ਭੋਗੀ
    Rāj mėh rāj jog mėh jogī. Ŧap mėh ṯapīsar garihsaṯ mėh bẖogī.
    King among Kings and spiritual among the spirituals. Ascetic among ascetics and enjoys among the householders.

    ਧਿਆਇ ਧਿਆਇ ਭਗਤਹ ਸੁਖੁ ਪਾਇਆ ਨਾਨਕ ਤਿਸੁ ਪੁਰਖ ਕਾ ਕਿਨੈ ਅੰਤੁ ਪਾਇਆ ੨॥
    Ḏẖi▫ā▫e ḏẖi▫ā▫e bẖagṯah sukẖ pā▫i▫ā. Nānak ṯis purakẖ kā kinai anṯ na pā▫i▫ā. ||2||
    Devotees find comfort by contemplating and contemplating so. Nanak no one has found limits of such supreme persona.
    Please note all errors are mine and I stand corrected.

    Sat Sri Akal.
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  3. Seeker9

    Seeker9 United Kingdom
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    Cleverness is not wisdom
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    May 3, 2010
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    I was watching one of those discussion shows recently where you have an audience and then some "experts" and they debate various topics. Yesterday's debate centered around the masculineness of God and why this came to be when so many ancient religions worshiped female Gods e.g Gaia etc

    There were views from academics, rabbis and priests of both sexes and I found it all quite amusing!

    I also thought how great Ek Onkar is in comparison

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