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Sukhmani Sahib:6th Ashtapadee:6th Pauri:My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,
I share with you all, my understanding of the 6th Pauri of 6th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib.

Please note that the English sentence after the Transliteration is not the exact literal translation of the sentence, it is the meaning of the tuk as understood by me.

First the summary:
Guru Sahib, in this Pauri to, elaborates on the blessings that humans have received from the creator ‘The Sat’, which no other living being has got. Guru Sahib wants this awareness to abide with us.

1. ijh pRswid sunih krn nwd ] jih parsaad suneh karan naad.
By whose grace you hear the sound.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib has mentioned that it is only because of the faculties that ‘The Sat’ has given to humans that we are able to hear sound. Here the word Naad, as I understand, is comprehensive; it covers all types of Naad; including the Unhad Naad.

Note: I am not elaboration on my understanding of Unhad Naad here because I have explained it in details in one of my posts on Japji Sahib.

2. ijh pRswid pyKih ibsmwd ] jih parsaad paykheh bismaad.
By whose grace you perceive amazing wonders.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib is drawing our attention to higher order faculties of the brain which enables us to see all and perceive which is beyond the normal i.e. wonders. Here, as I understand, perception is not just limited to what is physical and manifested, but also includes the abstract and intangible, which we sense through higher faculties of the functioning brain. This includes the idea of ‘The Sat’; which ultimately, with the individual’s effort and the grace ‘The Sat’, is experienced by spiritually evolved individuals. Such a capability is amazing. We owe so much to ‘The Sat’.

3. ijh pRswid bolih AMimRq rsnw ] jih parsaad boleh amrit rasnaa.
By whose grace one is able to utter the ambrosial words

My understanding:
We have the most evolved vocal capabilities among all the living beings that ‘The Sat’ created. In addition, we have high order mental capabilities too - we are able to think of ‘The Sat’. The ambrosial words that Guru Sahib is referring to are Jaap and the praise of ‘The Sat’. This percolates into the being of the person and it translates into the sweet speech the evolved people have no matter hostile or harsh the environment is. The lives of our gurus are full of such examples. We have to be grateful to ‘The sat’ for all this.

4. ijh pRswid suiK shjy bsnw ] jih parsaad sukh sehjay basnaa.
By whose grace one lives joyfully and with ease.

My understanding:
If we study the present and the past way of living by humans, we notice that all the time humans have developed ways to protect themselves from the oppressive conditions of the nature. Humans made dwellings to live in and to protect themselves from rain, snow heat etc. They learnt about fire to keep them warm and to cook food which allowed a wider rage of eatables which their digestive system could cope with. They learn the medicinal values of what was available in nature to get over diseases and live healthy life. Domesticated animals to assist them in work and to provide them milk and meat, created means of transport allowing them to move around, designed weapons to protect themselves from more powerful beings. The same is going on even in today’s world – things are becoming better and better. Other living beings of the creation of ‘The Sat’ remained as they were. This has been possible because of the way humans are physically constituted and the extra ordinary metal capacity that ‘The Sat’ gave us. We live joyfully and with relative ease because of what ‘The Sat’ incorporated in us. The deep sense of gratitude that we must have for ‘The Sat’ is what Guru Sahib is pointing out.

5. ijh pRswid hsq kr clih ] jih parsaad hasat kar chaleh.
By whose grace the hands move to work.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib knew all. He knew that design of human hand is very special. Our ability to hold coupled with the possibilities that the thumb gives is an asset in working on items that we human need. Guru Sahib tells, to each one of us in his audience, that this has ability is not because of us; it is given to us by ‘The Sat’; it has come to us by the grace of ‘The Sat’ – we must never forget this.

6. ijh pRswid sMpUrn Plih ] jih parsaad sampooran faleh.
By whose grace you grow to your full potential

My understanding:
Guru Sahib tells us very clearly that only with the grace of ‘The Sat’ we can grow to a level which the ultimate potential allows us. As we know that this world is full of Maya, only with guidance of ‘The Sat’ we are able to evolve and see the truth through this Maya.

7. ijh pRswid prm giq pwvih ] jih parsaad param gat paavahi.
By whose grace you reach the highest state.

My understanding:
As I understand these wards apply both in the context of entire creation and that of an individual. As human being we are the highest order among the species. As an individual we have the potential to evolve and reach the highest state of being. All this is again because the potential for this is packed into us by ‘The Sat’ – it is through the grace of ‘The Sat’.

8. ijh pRswid suiK shij smwvih ] jih parsaad sukh sahj samaaveh.
By whose grace joy you abide in peace and joy.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib knows the complex nature of the life we live. There are many variables which are out of our control, they can disturb our lives. Guru Sahib mentions that these external conditions that create our living environment become conducing for us only with the grace of ‘The Sat’, consequently, we get full measure of spiritual peace and joy.

9. AYsw pRBu iqAwig Avr kq lwghu ] aisaa parabh ti-aag avar kat laagahu.
Why to forsake such ‘Sat’ and latch on to some one else.

My understanding:
Having explained to his audience that what we are, are due to the grace and ‘Kirpa’ of ‘The Sat’, Guru Sahib pose a question to all of us to think as to why one should any one detach from ‘The Sat’ and link up with some one else. By implication Guru Sahib says that such action is foolhardy.

10. gur pRswid nwnk min jwghu ]6] gur parsaad naanak man jaagahu. ||6||
O Nanak, with the grace of ‘The Sat’ awaken your mind.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib says to himself, with the grace and blessing of ‘The Sat’ he must remain awake to this reality of his existence. In other words, he asks each one of us to awaken.

With this I close this post.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh

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