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Sukhmani Sahib:11th Astapadee:2nd Pauri:My Understanding


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

With the Grace of ‘The Sat’, today I share with you my understanding of the 2nd Pauri of 11th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib.

1. pRB BwvY mwnuK giq pwvY ] parabh bhaavai maanukh gat paavai.
[/FONT]If ‘The Sat’ is pleased, it gives the proper ‘State of Brain’ to the person.

My understanding:

We know, we are prisoner of our own brain. Whatever our brain commands we do; when the brain is diseased, we suffer even madness or Alzheimer. Our capabilities depend on the ‘State’ to which our brain has evolved.

The word BwvY (pleases) needs to be explained. The pleasure of ‘Sat’ is not dependent on any like or dislike for the individual, as is the case with most of humans. ‘The Sat’ has no emotions; its justice is absolute and depends only on truth and facts.

When the individual attempts to achieve with its disciplined efforts and practice some change in its own ‘Being’ (inner self) and is able to sustain itself at that level, then ‘The Sat’ with its own Grace changes the functioning of the person’s brain and this amounts to the Pleasure ( BwvY ) of ‘The Sat’. This way the person evolves to the new ‘State of Functioning of the Brain’ ( giq ). As I understand this is a stepwise progressive happening and the person can reach the pinnacle of spiritual evolution.
This is what I understand from the above Tuk.

2. pRB BwvY qw pwQr qrwvY ] parabh bhaavai taa paathar taraavai.
[/FONT]If ‘The Sat’ wishes then even the stones can float.

My understanding:

All the laws of this physics have in their origin ‘The Sat’, they are all ‘Instruments’ of ‘The Sat’- this is my personal conviction.
I also know that ‘The Sat’ is infinite and so are its creative powers. When even we human, with design, are able to make huge steel mass of ship float in water bodies; ‘The Sat’ who is unlimited can certainly make the stones float in water. The truth of Guru Sahib’s tuk above is self evident.

3. pRB BwvY ibnu sws qy rwKY ] parabh bhaavai bin saas tay raakhai.
[/FONT]If ‘The Sat’ wishes, it preserves life in the body without breath.

My understanding:
Guru Sahib knew and stated so more hundreds of years ago what is reflected in this Tuk. Today science is proving that ‘The Sat’, in fact can do so. There are crude oil wells, from which, the oil is pumped out. These wells collect oil from 1000 feet below the surface of the earth. Even there, at such depth within closed volume, lives exist – Bacteria are thriving there. Again the truth of Guru Sahib’s statement is corroborated by scientific findings.

4. pRB BwvY qw hir gux BwKY ] parabh bhaavai taa har gun bhaakhai.
[/FONT]If ‘The Sat’ wishes, then the person gets linked to it.

My understanding:
Here, first I want to share what I understand by the term gux BwKY ( Chant the praises and glory of ‘The Sat’). To me it just does not mean some sort of verbal utterances to this effect. To me it means living a life (thinking, speaking and acting) in a ‘Sat - like’ manner in accordance with the teaching of Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Naam). Here the person becomes a living expression of Naam and thus an instrument of ‘The Sat’. This is my understanding of ‘Gun Bhaakhai (gux BwKY) .

As I understand only those persons can establish link with ‘The Sat’, who with effort and discipline, in this life and the past ones, have achieved a spiritual state of purity, where their inner self becomes inclined to listen to the voice of ‘The Sat’ coming from within the person. This is the beginning of further advancement in the person’s spirituality on its way way to divinity. This happens only if ‘The Sat’ has preordained (if ‘The Sat’ wishes) this in the mission of the specific person. In other words it is Gurparsadee’.
5. pRB BwvY qw piqq auDwrY ] parabh bhaavai taa patit uDhaarai.
[/FONT]If ‘The Sat’ wishes, even the sinners can evolve.

My understanding:
The scripture clearly says that there is a ‘State of Being’ wherein the past Karmas get burnt. They become like roasted seeds from which the plant cannot sprout. As I understand, this state is reached when the Ahamkara (Ego) is fully and finally dissolved. It is my personal understanding that all our past karmas are recorded in our deeper layers of the functioning brain – this constitutes our ‘Linga Sarira’. These layers originate the demand for settling the past karmas and the ‘Karmic Forces’ – instrument of ‘The Sat’ respond by impacting on the person. For the ‘Karmic Forces’ to impact on the person concerned some address is needed; Í-ness’ (Ego) provides this information.
Now, if the person’s Ahamkara (Ego) is dissolved there is no address left. In this ‘State of Being’ the person is selfless and thus has already become Godly, and thus is now beyond the domain of Karmic Forces. This way all the past Karmas of the person, in a way, get burnt-up and nothing remains to be settled or exhausted. The person is pure now.
This is how, as I understand, with the Grace of ‘The Sat’ (if ‘The Sat’ wishes), the sinners can evolve to great heights of spirituality.

6. Awip krY Awpn bIcwrY ] aap karai aapan beechaarai.
[/FONT]‘The Sat’ itself ponders over and act.

My understanding:
We Humans have limitation. To understand any big and complex entity, we have to split it up into small parts for our own convenience to understand it. I have done so in the text above using the term ‘Karmic Forces’, they are not different from ‘The Sat’ but to conceptualise it I did so. In the same way ancient scripture of the land has created so many entities representing God. As I understand each of the entity represent an attribute of Sagun God. Deva means attribute, and each Devata or Devi is conceptualised in that attribute e.g. Laxmi, Saraswati, Durga, Indra etc. this way sages have conceptually split the idea of God to explain to their audience.

Guru Sahib in the above Tuk has conveyed to us that ‘The Sat’ is absolute and complete; thinking and acting is all done by it and actually no other external agency is needed by it. The is total and monolithic abstract entity.

As we all know all that is, is ‘The Sat’.

7. duhw isirAw kw Awip suAwmI ] d[/FONT]uhaa siri-aa kaa aap su-aamee.
[/FONT]The Sat’ is responsible at either end.

My understanding:

For any worldly entity there is a beginning and an end. ‘The Sat’ is in the origin and thus the beginning of that entity and at the end of it the entity is absorbed in ‘The Sat’ again. This way ‘The Sat’ is at the either end of the entity.

8. KylY ibgsY AMqrjwmI ] kh[/FONT]aylai bigsai antarjaamee.
[/FONT] ‘The Sat’ interacts, helps the individual to evolve, ‘The Sat’ knows all.

My understanding:

All acts of ‘The Sat’ are ‘Shaihaj’ i.e. done with absolute ease thus is a pleasure in human context; that is why, as I understand, Guru Sahib has used the word – Plays’.
‘The Sat’ is all the time within each individual interacting with it (Plays). It creates obstacles on the way of the person for three purposes (i) the test the firmness of the person’s achievement; (ii) to make the person rise, evolve and develop to greater heights, by which it overcomes the obstacle; and (iii) to block the way of the person if and when it strays away from the mission for which it has taken birth in human form. ‘The Sat’ helps the person in fulfilling its mission of life by organizing inputs and guidance for the person; the information the person is seeking may come its way; the person may get introduced to an evolved Saadhsangat and so on …..

Further Guru Sahib has said in this Tuk that ‘The Sat’ knows even our inner needs; sometime even we might not have perceived them, but ‘The Sat’ knows them a works with us for fulfillment of our mission.
All this Guru Sahib has summerised in the word ‘Play.

9. duhw isirAw kw Awip suAwmI ] d[/FONT]uhaa siri-aa kaa aap su-aamee.
[/FONT]‘The Sat’ is the Master of Earthly existence and the existence in the worlds beyond.

My understanding:

In our worldly existence, we humans, have an element of ‘Free Will’ which allows us to evolve. We live in an environment of dualities and Maya. ‘The Sat’ is the Master here, it reacts to all that we do and prevail over us.
‘The Sat’ is the owner of its creation and thus is the Owner of it. This way it is the Master of both the worlds as Guru Sahib has said in the Tuk above.

10. nwnk idRstI Avru n AwvY ]2] naanak daristee avar na aavai. ||2||
[/FONT]Nanak sees only ‘The Sat’ and no one else anywhere.

My understanding:
In this Tuk Guru Sahib makes it clear to us that all that is, is nothing but ‘The Sat’.

With this I close the post

With Love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh