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SPECIAL For Guru GOBIND SINGH JI's Gurpurab- The Greatest Commander-Unparralled

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
SPECIAL for Guru GOBIND SINGH JI's Gurpurab- The Greatest Commander-Unparralled.

below I share an article that was written specially for the Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji that has passed on to my facebook account.

I have been studying and going through the greatest Sikh Generals in older Sikh history.Many names come to mind.Sikhs being a martial community produced almost every Sikh as a general; but sadly that cannot be equated to the best administrators of themselves...a fact we see to this day from Akal takhat to any which Gurduara or society of Sikhs.

Sr Baghel Singh Dhaliwal, Sr Hari Singh Nalwa,Maharajah Ranjit Singh, Sr Zorawar Singh & Banda Singh Singh Bahadur!

Many top academics have been claiming that Banda Singh Bahadur was the first great Sikh General- a fact that I challenge strongly and say he was not the first great Sikh general.

The very first Sikh general was Guru Hargobind Sahib, who for the very first time organised Sikhs into a fighting force and took on four wars, culminating in his victory in all.

The next GREATEST Sikh General was GURU GOBIND SINGH -The Magnificent GURU-and His majesty continues to top the list of the greates genral of the Sikhs.His valour, bravery and courage is known to all and yet lkiitle is really understood by even the Sikhs about his military skiils.

The story of Guru Gobind Singh ji has been little shared by Sikhs with the rest of the world despite the fact he gave the Sikhs the undeniably unique identity that Sikhs are known for the world over.The beautiful known dimensions of the Tenth Master of Sikhism are many, but strangely few applaud it and fewer still follow them, as they lack the understanding and knowledge!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji's forty two brief earthly years were filled with multi- sided activity.His versatility would baffle many historians and readers, as well people of religion.Different aspects of his characterismatic genius may have been pondered and studied, many in minute details repeatedly often.There is already a considerable body of written material that exists, treating him as a spiritual leader, a poet,a social revolutionary, a maker of history, an upholder of moral values in war and peace aand so on.But what has constantly remained scant and rec eived scant attention from qualified scholars is an appreciation of his military ingenuity.
No one has ever tried to understand his great leadership, personality,character and the magnitutude of his greatness.

When we consider, the Tenth Master's sole aim in life and of life , like his predessors was the elevation of man in a nation that was down trodden; and depressed of social beings that were forever, at the receiving end of cruelity and harshest treatment from the powers that be.In such trying times, Guru Gobind Singh ji's message presented a challenging idea,a ray of hope and a feature of which was the charateristic valour.It was Guru Gobind Singh Ji's unique personality which refused the idea of defeat in his fight for defending the rights & claims of conscience.The magnetic spirit of fighting for the cause of righteousness infused in his disciples by Guru Gobind Singh Ji,enabled the common folk to endure hardship, imprisonment, torture aand death in a lighter vein.With the guidance given by Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Sikhs became a community that remains defiant and vibrant in face defeat, and vibrantly over comes all odds at the thickest of times known to them in history.

Guru Gobind Singh ji rightly and successfully tackled all odds thrown at him by the tyrant rulers and powers.No matter how cruel and hrash they became, his career and achievements remained rightly focussed.The strategy of war adopted by him and his leadership traits remained judiously righteous and fair.Guru Gobind Singh Ji's intellect and wisdom gave him comprehension of the highest truth, his warm heart led him to devote aand sacrifice his sons, wealth aand his own life, to save hsi countrymen suffering from the tyranical injustices.With such broad and clear thinking his military genius created world reknowned marvellous soldiers.

Strangely even among the Sikhs, his military genius has received very little appreciation.The term "military genius"should not be taken within any narrow sense because Guru Gobind Singh Ji not only led his floowers in battle and won spectacular victories against untold heavy odds, but also almost miraculously created out of an incombatant commonality , a body of men of saintly soldiers and leaders who continued to perform marvellous deeds of sacrifice aand valour even after he, himself had passed through the world.

Very few Sikh historians and scholars have actually studied or tried to understand how Guru Gobind Singh Ji planned his tactics and strategy.Any academic interest on such a theme should be very interesting , eye opening and academically inspiring for current and future Sikh generations, but sadly this area has remained very little explored, and thus deprived Sikhs of great pride and knowledge about such a marvellous saviour of humanity and Guru.

In the following some narrations and evaluation of a few military actions fought by Guru Gobind Singh ji would expose his professional expertise in the science of war.Guru Gobind Singh Ji's forty two brief earthly years were filled with multi- sided activity.His versatility would baffle many historians and readers as well people of religion.

I will be continuing this.


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