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  1. spnadmin

    SciTech Will Humans Become Extinct? Greatest Global Threats

    How are humans going to become extinct? By Sean Coughlan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22002530 What are the greatest global threats to humanity? Are we on the verge of our own unexpected extinction? An international team of scientists, mathematicians and philosophers at Oxford...
  2. Chaan Pardesi

    SPECIAL For Guru GOBIND SINGH JI's Gurpurab- The Greatest Commander-Unparralled

    SPECIAL for Guru GOBIND SINGH JI's Gurpurab- The Greatest Commander-Unparralled. below I share an article that was written specially for the Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji that has passed on to my facebook account. I have been studying and going through the greatest Sikh Generals in...
  3. spnadmin

    Judaism What Is The Greatest Mystery?

    by Rabbi David Wolpe If you were asked to point to the place in the world that contains the greatest mystery, where would you point? You might point down. There are sermons in stones, the poet Wordsworth tells us, and one could choose the marvels of the earth. The molten core, the shifting...
  4. spnadmin

    What Is The Greatest Security Threat Facing India Today?

    Please share your thoughts regarding the major threats to the national security of India. Feel free to explain your choices on the poll. And, you are invited to comment about Other security threats that were not included on the poll. Many thanks :happykaur: for your participation!
  5. Mai Harinder Kaur

    What I Have Learned From 1984

    What I Have Learned From 1984 For those who don't know me, a brief introduction. I am now a 58 year old Internet addict, writer and budding artist, of sorts. Twenty- six years ago, there was no Internet, I wrote occasionally and my artwork was primarily tie-dying my husband's turbans...
  6. Admin

    General Harbaksh Singh: Modern India's Greatest Soldier

    General Harbaksh Singh: Modern India's Greatest Soldier by Capt. AMARINDER SINGH Today, many don't know who Lt. General Harbaksh Singh was. Being out of sight for 30 years - before he passed away in 1999 - put him out of mind as well. Born in 1913 in Badrukhan in Sangrur and having...
  7. Admin

    World Democracy Is The Greatest Revenge

    By ASIF ALI ZARDARI Two years ago the world stopped for me and for my children. Pakistan was shaken to its core and all but came apart. Women everywhere lost one of their greatest symbols of equality. And Islam, our great religion, lost its modern face. On Dec. 27, 2007, my...
  8. R

    Was He The Greatest ?

    The great Last sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh perhaps could easily be considered the greatest human to have ever taken birth on this planet Earth. He, is an unparalleled hero not in the history of India but in the world history too. A brave man of firm convictions he stood for the secularism...
  9. Sinister

    General Why SPN Is The Greatest!

    Why SPN is the BEST Sikh Forum Site Exaggeration? Or modesty?…I’ll let you be the judge of that! We are always nagging about how this forum needs to be changed (whether it’s constructive criticism or just plain criticism). I would like to change the tone for once and list the things I LIKE...
  10. N

    Love As The Greatest Unifier

    Guru Nanak was the Apostle of Love:- "Realise your unity with all. Love God. Love God in man. Sing the love of God. Repeat God’s Name. Sing His glory. Love God as the lotus loves water, as the bird Chatak loves rain, as the wife loves her husband. Make divine love thy pen and thy heart...