SciTech Small, Large Dinosaurs Co-existed Peacefully


1947-2014 (Archived)
A new research has revealed that large and small dinosaurs co-existed peacefully.

University of Manchester scientists used computers to simulate tracks left by dinosaurs in various types of mud.

They believe that lasting footprints were only created if the soil conditions were just right, the journal Royal Society Interface reports.

As dinosaurs ranged vastly in weight from the 30-ton Brachiosaurus to Compsognathus, the weight of a chicken, only the heaviest creatures would leave footprints in certain conditions.

In other areas where the mud was deep and soft, only lighter, nimbler dinosaurs would be able to walk over it and leave prints. Larger animals would get stuck and die, according to the Daily Mail.

These insights give palaeontologists the chance to re-evaluate the ecosystems which existed more than 100 million years ago.

Their findings could help to bring ancient environments to life by showing how a great number of animals can walk over an area but only a few leave footprints.


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