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Singapore Youth Off To Punjab To Help Needy Children


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
by Mogana Pilla

SINGAPORE - December may be the time when many young Singaporeans are off on a family holiday but a group of them will be away on a more noble mission.

They are heading to Mandiala, a village in India's Punjab state, to help build a library there for underprivileged and needy school children.

The 16 youth are taking part in Project Khwaish, organised by the Young Sikh Association.

In addition to building the library during their three-week mission, the youth plan to refurbish and paint a school as well.

They will buy chairs and furniture for the classrooms.

The participants will also conduct workshops, hygiene classes and interact with the teachers and the children.

The Singapore youth will be bringing along with them toys and clothes, collected from local donors, for the needy in the village community.

Participants from various racial and religious groups in Singapore are helping in the project.

It is supported by the Youth Expedition Project of the National Youth Council, Lee Foundation and many other well-wishers.

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