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Since when name suffix "inder" infiltrated Sikhi

Garry D

Oct 19, 2019
Old Sikh names used to be like Ajaib, Jujhar, Zorawar, Sher, Jassa, Ranjit etc. Nowhere in Sikh history we find names like Balwinder, Parminder, Gurwinder, Maninder and numerous other combinations, before these so called Royal family members of Patiala started using it. If I'm correct it was Raja Bhupinder, Amarinder etc.

Gurbani clearly states:

sahaNsar daan day indar ro-aa-i-aa.
Branded with a thousand marks of disgrace, Indra (Inder) cried in shame.

paras raam rovai ghar aa-i-aa.
Paras Raam returned home crying.

ajai so rovai bheekhi-aa khaa-ay.
Ajai cried and wept, when he was made to eat the manure he had given, pretending it was charity.

aisee dargeh milai sajaa-ay.
Such is the punishment received in the Court of the Lord.

rovai raam nikaalaa bha-i-aa.
Rama wept when he was sent into exile,

Gurbani is clear on status of "Inder". Inder is definitely not a synonym for Lord in Sikhi as has been popularized by brahmans.

There was an old thread somewhere on internet discussing this same issue which I could not find. Any input from our beloved members will be appreciated. Thanks.

Logical Sikh

Sep 22, 2018
It's probably cultural.... Different cultures effects each other when they co-exists...
Jassa/Sher/Ranjit etc are not religious names bruh XD, they Came from the cultures of regions they belonged to.... Same is with other names...

Logical Sikh

Sep 22, 2018
Lol, sometimes I wonder why don't people say (" Sikhs never used to wear wristwatches back in 1800s why do they wear them now") stuff XD

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