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USA Sikhs In America Meet US Vice President


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Washington, US (CHAKRA)—Groups of American Sikh leaders have turned to Biden to take up Sikh related issues with other countries. Since the 9/11 attacks Sikhs have been continuously targeted as followers of the Taliban and would like to make clear that they are in no way followers of the Taliban thus should not be mistakenly targeted as so.
In recent times, Sikhs have been targets of hate crime because of their turbans and this is an issue that Sikh leaders discussed with Biden in addition to other issues related to their community.

One of the issues discussed was in related to Sikhs being besieged in France for their turban and other religious symbols.

The meeting took place in Silicon Valley between Sikh leaders in California and Biden while Biden was there to raise money for the re-election of Democratic Senator, Barbara Boxer.

Dr. Pritpal Singh, convener of the American Gurudwara Parbhandhak Committee (AGPC), said that Biden patiently listened to all the issues and assured them that these issues would be brought into light and addressed.
Dr. Kulwant Singh an active member of the Democratic Party, Barbir Singh Dillon, a senior leader from San Jose, and Harpreet Singh Sandhu, a former councillor of Richmond were part of the Sikh delegation that spoke to Biden.

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