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Gurus Sikhism Underlying Values

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Sikhism underlying values

    The Sikhs must believe in the following values:
    1. Equality: All humans are equal before God – No discrimination is allowed on the basis of caste, race, sex, creed, origin, color, education, status, wealth, etc. The principles of universal equality and brotherhood are important pillars of Sikhism.
    2. God’s spirit: All creatures have God’s spirits and must be properly respected. Show love for all living things. Mistreatment of any living creature is tabooed and forbidden. Remember, your next birth may be as a different animal or plant!
    3. Personal right: Every person has a right to life but this right is restricted and has certain duties attached. Simple living is essential. A Sikh is expected to rise early, meditate and pray, consume simple food and perform an honest day's work, carry out duties for your family, enjoy life and always be positive, be charitable and support the needy, etc.
    4. Actions count: Salvation is obtained by one’s actions – Good deeds, remembrance of God – NaamSimran, Kirtan, etc
    5. Living a family life: Encouraged to live as a family unit to provide and nurture children.
    6. Sharing: It is encouraged to share and give to charity 10 percent of one’s net earnings.
    7. Accept God’s will: Develop your personality so that you recognize happy event and miserable events as one – the will of God causes them.
    8. The four fruits of life: Truth, contentment, contemplation and Naam, (in the name of God).


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    Soul Jyot ji

    Thank you once again for an excellent message. The ideas and explanations are very supportive because they describe the broad view: that there are many different areas of life that one must nurture. You have also, again, made the task seem doable, and within reach.

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