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Sikhism Philosophy Network Was Hacked On 8/11

Is this site well guarded ?

  • The site is well guarded

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  • The site is poorly guarded

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  • The site needs improvement

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Jun 1, 2004
All that is on this site is available to be seen by any internet browser .
It means the password on this site is a redundant exercise
Gurfateh Ji,

Well, there is nothing to hide in the website content of Sikhism Philosophy Network... Its a widely open network and everybody is invited to be part of this global network. The password is surely required for you to post a new topic or reply to a message as well as contact fellow members privately. The content on SPN has been intentionally left open public view as we believe SPN has no hidden agenda. Everybody is invited to a part of SPN without prejudice!!

And, well i thought nobody ever noticed that our SPN was hacked by some novice intruder from Arab... Yes, indeed SPN was hacked but with the grace of Waheguru we were able to get hold of hacker in no time and SPN was online in less than an hour of being hacked...

That the hacker was able to enter into the system is still a mystery... well may be due to very busy schedule off SPN management off-late, maybe we were not able to upgrade the forum software for one reason or another... The present version of the forum software is almost one year old and not less than 6 security udates have been released after that to cover such incidents. We plan to upgrade SPN forum some time soon though and we will like to assure you that we are talking necessary steps to beef up the security... That attack was a timely reminder to our responsiblities to safe gaurd our network... but as they say... everything comes at a cost and SPN being a voluntary site maintained by 3-4 persons with no regular supply of funds to cater to the demands of maintaing a as fastly growing forum as SPN is...

And this is reason we always seek out to our esteemed members to contribute their bit to support and sustain SPN. Nothing too much we ask from you actually... even a monthly contribution of US$5.00 only or Rs.100 INR only by each responsible member on SPN, would help us to increase our budget for website maintainance, which is pretty basic at the moment...

Donating members are duly recognized the forums with Supporter Tag and thats all we can promise to you at this moment... SPN needs funds to grow and add new features periodically to make SPN a truly global representaive of sikh philosohpy...

So, dear Readers, SPN needs Your Support!! :)

To Support SPN, click here.

Thank You!!

Aman Singh
for SPN Management
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