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  1. spnadmin

    India CBI Website Hacked By Pakistani Cyber Army

    In a major embarrassment, the website of premier investigating agency CBI was hacked on Friday night by programmers identifying themselves as “Pakistani Cyber Army.” The home page of the CBI website had a message from the ‘Pakistani Cyber Army’ warning the Indian Cyber Army not to attack...
  2. S

    Sikh News Punjab Cricket Association Website Hacked? (Press Trust Of India)

    Chandigarh, Oct 24 (PTI) The official website of Punjab Cricket Association (PCA), has been out of order since yesterday, raising suspicion that the site may have been hacked. More...
  3. Admin

    Sikhism Philosophy Network Was Hacked On 8/11

    Gurfateh Ji, Well, there is nothing to hide in the website content of Sikhism Philosophy Network... Its a widely open network and everybody is invited to be part of this global network. The password is surely required for you to post a new topic or reply to a message as well as contact fellow...
  4. Arvind

    Instant Messenger Could Control Hacked Computers

    Instant messenger could control hacked computers 17:16 13 October 04 NewScientist.com news service A US computer programmer has created a software robot that uses instant messenger – a program that allows people to exchange messages over the internet in real time - to control a computer...