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Canada Sikh Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against Canadian Employer


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Toronto, July 1 – A Sikh security guard here, who moved the Ontario provincial human rights commission for being forced to wear a hard helmet by Home Depot, has won his case against the world’s largest home-improvement retailer.

In its ruling, Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal said Home Depot (Canada) discriminated against Deepinder Loomba by ‘enforcing’ a hard hat on him and threatening him with dismissal if he didn’t comply.

Headquartered near Atlanta in the US, Home Depot has about 180 stores across Canada.

In its ruling, tribunal vice chair Ena Chadha has named Home Depot assistant manager Brian Busch for ‘discriminatory treatment’ of Loomba and using ‘rude and offensive comments’ against him because of his religion.

‘I am satisfied that the complainant was treated differently because of his turban and that this was negative differential treatment,’ Chadha said.

In his testimony, Loomba – employed with Reilly’s Security Services – said he was subjected to the discriminatory treatment December 6, 2006, when he reported for the morning shift at the Home Depot outlet in Milton on the outskirts of Toronto.

Since the outlet was six weeks away from opening and some areas were still under construction, Loomba said he was told to wear a hard hat even though his workplace was away from construction area.

He said when he did not comply, Busch made rude remarks against him on front of other workers.

Loomba added that when he was about to leave after work, he was warned by Busch that those not complying with his rules had been fired in the past.

Loomba moved the human rights panel seeking $25,000 in damages and a change in Home Depot’s policies.

Sikh Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against Canadian Employer | Vamban News

Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 5, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
There is a man by my side walking
There is a voice within me talking
There is a word that needs a saying

Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on

They will tell their lying stories
Send their dogs to bite our bodies
They will lock us in the prison

Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on

All their dogs will lie there rotting
All their lies will be forgotten
All their prison walls will tumble

Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on

If you can`t go on any longer
Take the hands of your sister and brother
Every victory gonna bring another

Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on
Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on
Carry it on, Carry it on, carry it on, carry it on

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