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World Sikh US Marine Killed In Afghanistan


Mar 6, 2011
Santa Barbara
It is sad to say but another Sikh has died in the war on "terrorism"

1/5 (1st battalion 5th marine regiment) one of my old sister battalions (3/5 or 3rd battalion 5th marine regiment) was in Sangin district (Helmand Afghanistan) which had some of the heaviest fighting of the Afghan war. The UK took the most casualties in this district and when the US took over they sent in the Marine Corps. My Battalion (3/5) did the initial fighting. Losing over 30 and over 200 wounded in action. Next 1/5 left our camp which is located at Camp San Mateo on the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. I wished farewell to many of those Marines that morning they left, did not see Singh though.

Here is a documentary done on the region by the BBC while my battalion was there. 1/5 (Singhs battalion) had the same region, now you know time and place.

YouTube - ‪U.S. Marines in Sangin, Afghanistan 2011 [Part 1 of 2]‬‏ [part 1]
YouTube - ‪U.S. Marines in Sangin, Afghanistan 2011 [Part 2 of 2]‬‏ [part 2]

Also here are links I used while my friends were fighting (I had left the Marine Corps by the time they arrived in Afghan) too keep track of casualties.


We are losing dozens of Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen every week, the media (all of them) have literally put this war on the back burner... Keep the family in your hearts.




Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
War leads to death only. It never brings peace or happiness. People are dying on both sides. According to 'official' sources, there have been dozens of Afghan (and Iraqi) civilians dying every week too. Now that's 'official' average, remember this is US press and US is winning, so they write the history. The loses can never be numbered or quantified. Anyway while Iraq is trying to get on with life (after losing oil) and Afghanistan is getting rid of some American troops (as well as their mined ores), US is playing a hand in middle east mess in Libya, Egypt etc.


Mar 6, 2011
Santa Barbara
Some "kind" words... I know, I have been there and I'm sure everyone on spn knows this. How about we focus on the loss of this young Sikh. I'm pretty sure the war is usually not the first thing on your mind as it is.

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