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Sikh Religion Is A Universal World Faith

Discussion in 'Essays on Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Sikh Religion is a Universal world faith. Sikhism believes in Universal Fatherhood & Universal Brotherhood. Sikhism preaches for Universal Guru & Universal Religion based upon Gurbani Ideology found in 'Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji'. Sikh gentlemen don't cut their hair either on their head or beard and observe their natural form as provided by the Almighty. They also keep ever their hair clean and shining with a wooden comb, always under the turban they keep tightened upon their head. It is because the Sikh people are easily acquainted all over the world due to their individual & universal distinctiveness.

    Sikhism is the latest religion of the era. This is the religion, which is most logical, advance & progressive religion on this earth. No rituals, No superstitions, No blind faith, No logic less traditions. Sikh religion has devolped in itself the most appealing religion for the whole mankind. In a very short period, the Sikh religion has acquired the status of the world's most fascinating religions.

    Sikh religion was started simply in 1469 A.D. with the Parkash (birth) of its founder "GURU NANAK DEV JI". Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born at Nankana Sahib then called Talwandi, in west Punjab (Pakistan). The Sikh religion soon justified itself to be the Unique, Universal & Natural religion for the whole mankind, In other words this faith has proved itself, the religion endorsed for the man being by its Creator, the Almighty.

    Sikhism preaches the message of Dedication & Total Surrendering to the God's Will. How to know about, the issue of God's Will is well clarified & described in Sri Guru Grath Sahib Ji, the holly Scripture of Sikhism. Sikhism firmly stands for truthful living, high thinking & equality of mankind. Sikhism embraces open hearted every body on this earth without discrimination of sex, color or creed. Any body born in any religion or faith, high or low cast, from any corner of the world without partiality, can embrace Sikhism, by dedicating one's life to the principals & doctrines of Gurbani. In other words Sikhism is purely a Natural life with one's Natural Appearance & the Natural Living. Within Sikhism, There is no Artificiality, No Hypocrisy, No Showoff. Man born and dies in its Natural form and appearance provided to him by its Creator & this is the reality which we can see in the whole creation. Above all, if one's living is also a living, in tune with, Gurbani, one can easily enjoys high, natural, truthful & Peaceful Living. This is what? the Sikhism is.

    Sikh religion has its own Identity in every respect of life. GURU GRANTH SAHIB (the Holy Scripture) is the Unique GURU as per Sikhism. Sikh is always the worshipper & follower of the Supreme truth found in the form of Gurbani Teachings. A Sikh is never a follower of any man being or personality worshiper.
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