UK Sikh Priests Raped Prostitute After She Turned Down Sex Demands

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Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Sikh priests raped prostitute after she turned down sex demands

By Grant McCabe - DAILY RECORD - 28 Oct 2012 00:01

TWO Sikh holy men raped a prostitute after she ignored their demands for sex.

Gurnam Singh, 30, and Sukhdev Singh, 36, stalked their 26-year-old victim before pouncing on her in a doorway close to the Arches nightclub in Glasgow city centre.

The vice girl was saved by a cyclist who spotted the men dragging her by the wrists after her ordeal.

The Singhs had only been in Scotland a few days, having moved to a Sikh temple in the city’s Pollokshields in April.

They denied the attack during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow, but they were convicted by a jury and face lengthy jail terms.

Their victim recalled how she was approached by the pair near the Clydeside.

She said they tried to kiss her but she insisted she was not “working” before walking off.

As she waited at a nearby bus stop, they returned to pester her. She told the jury: “I kept saying
I was still not interested and just to leave me alone. I was annoyed and scared.”

She decided to head towards Glasgow Central train station, hoping police would be there.

But the pair– described as priests in court – pursued her and finally trapped her in Midland Street.

She said: “They tried to talk to me and kiss me. I said ‘no’ again. They were getting more annoyed. They were then pushing me into a doorway where no one could see.

“I knew what was going to happen. I was crying and saying, ‘Stop, just let me go’.

“I was struggling and trying to get away. The River Clyde was down the way I was being taken and I thought I was going to be thrown in.”

Both men denied the rape allegation. Gurnham claimed the woman had stolen money from them after agreeing to have sex.

Married Sukhdev said he was not aware what was happening in the doorway as he had his back turned.

The duo – originally from India – had come to Scotland to work as priests in the Sikh temple at
St Andrews Drive, Glasgow.

They had briefly stayed in England after arriving in the UK, before moving north just days before the attack.

Sukhdev was residing in the country illegally as his visa expired last year.

Lord Pentland remanded the pair and will sentence them next month.

He told them: “Due to the gravity of these crimes, it is inevitable that I will impose a substantial period of imprisonment on you both.”

Victim's double ordeal

THE rapists’ victim was forced to relive her ordeal twice in court – due to a bungling interpreter.

The original trial at the High Court in Glasgow had to be halted after several days when a Punjabi-speaking juror raised concerns about a translator.

Evidence was not being relayed correctly, forcing the case to be abandoned.

It meant the woman – who had already testified – had to return to the witness box.

One source: “The interpreter had been hired to do a job, but failed. It was fortunate that there was a juror who spoke the language and realised what was happening.”



Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
I think Sikhs have a long history and we have already lost the good reputation our forefathers built. Worse are people who are in Bana or religious garb, full hair and turbans who don't think twice before crossing the line. if you approach a hooker, that is undeniably public information.


Dec 4, 2011
The Sikh community should show solidarity with the victim!

Very well said !!
In this kind of situation where these offenders are simply described as sikh priests and not many will pay attention to their names because of this, the rest of us just find this embarassing and shameful.
When you try and explain to someone in Glasgow that you are a sikh and they trun round and say ''oh, like those priests!! - it leaves you with a huge smack on sikh dignity.

As a community, the sikhs in Glasgow should move forward and show some sympathy and affection to this woman, even if she was a hooker.

At times like these when rapists wear the sikh bana and send out the wrong message, the real sikhs behind the message have to come forward and show their true colours.

The simplest and easiest action that we take is that we deny that these offenders are fit enough to be called sikhs, but this is not good enough for the people outside of our circles. They still see us as one group.

After some compassion is shown for the victim by us sikhs, we should then praise and request the maximum punishment for these rapists.

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
Agree with Kanwaljeet Singh. Bana is identity now which is reflected in entire article . See how many times reported has used word Sikh did this , sikh dis that.

I have never read an article with heading : Christian raped a woman or Christian did a murder.

To be totally honest, we have all seen the news stories about Roman Catholic priests and various Protestant Christian clergy committing sexual assaults of various kinds on children. This in no way lessens the crimes of these two "Sikh" criminals, but we must be accurate.


Apr 25, 2006
Both men denied the rape allegation. Gurnham claimed the woman had stolen money from them after agreeing to have sex.
They denied the allegation. What is the basis for their sentence?


Dec 4, 2011
Both men denied the rape allegation. Gurnham claimed the woman had stolen money from them after agreeing to have sex.

Bhagatji, this is where an investiagtion gets very crucial on every possible evidence that can be produced.

Let me just explain a little of what goes on with these kind of cases.
Firstly , I think it's important to understand that 'red light' areas as they are called exist in every major city in UK. A little like how some parts of downtown in every major city are 'no go' areas.
Now, in UK you can get prosecuted for 'kerb crawling' which is when men are roaming these red light areas looking for hookers. However, if they are on foot rather than vehicle, then it becomes more difficult to prove when prosecuting.

The other very common occurence you get happening in these areas is 'kerb crawler muggings'. For the bigger criminals it becomes a very good business without them needing to pimp the hookers.

A very common and classic scenario is - A kerb crawler is roaming the red light area looking for action, then he comes across a hooker he prefers. He picks her up in his car or she may tell him to meet her at some alley or near some other building.
Then the guy makes his way there, bearing in mind he will be carrying cash to spend.
Then the hooker may appear or may not, but what will definitely appear is the mastermind so called pimp.
He will threaten the man with a knife or weapon to hand him his cash. The cash is handed over in fear of his life and then the man walks off in shame.
Sometimes, you have incidences where the pimp may not be involved but the hooker herself will take the money and then threaten the man to clear off before she gets seen to that he will be attacked and injured.

In both cases, money is handed over by the prosespective client but NO service is provided by any hooker!!

Bearing this in mind, the lawyers that may be representing the 2 men in this case have this escape oppurtinity that they can argue.
It is a very convenient loophole to exploit because all judges are aware this goes on.
Whether there money was really stolen by the hooker or not is somewhat not relevant
Only if the 2 men can give a genuine and valid reason for being in that area at that time, might they be able to play with this loophole.
The idea for the lawyers is sometimes to get them a lesser charge of kerb crawling which they may have to admit to.

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