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  1. K

    UK Muslim Man Murders Pregnant Prostitute Because She Was Working Near A Mosque

    A Muslim who stabbed a pregnant Romanian prostitute to death after warning her not to work near a mosque was jailed for at least 29 years today. Farooq Shah, 21, plunged a knife into Mariana Popa’s chest while riding his bicycle along a stretch of road notorious for sex workers. Miss Popa, 24...
  2. Archived_Member16

    UK Sikh Priests Raped Prostitute After She Turned Down Sex Demands

    Sikh priests raped prostitute after she turned down sex demands By Grant McCabe - DAILY RECORD - 28 Oct 2012 00:01 TWO Sikh holy men raped a prostitute after she ignored their demands for sex. Gurnam Singh, 30, and Sukhdev Singh, 36, stalked their 26-year-old victim before pouncing...
  3. K

    The Life Of A Prostitute In Delhi

    RABEYA, MOLY, Pushpa, Sabina and many more like them cannot remember when they last lived a normal life. Generally, their day’s routine begins little later than that of others. Unlike other professionals, they don’t have to get up early in the morning and prepare for office. They are not...