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Sikh Marrying Non-sikh

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by gora707, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. gora707

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    I have been dating a Sikh woman for about a year now and i intend on marrying her. We met at work and hit it off right away. I am white and was raised Catholic but i no longer practice. My girlfriend came over from India when she was 14 and is a practicing Sikh (she is in her twenties as well).
    We get along very well and respect eachother's beliefs. I am posting because i wish get attain more knowledge of Sikh culture and tradition, as well as for advice.
    I truly did not know anything about the Sikh culture before her but since we have been together i have spent considerable time reading about what it is to be Sikh. The more i read, the more i respect and admire Sikhism. The values I believe in and do my best to live by are virtually the same as the ones that are taught in the Sikh culture, which i also believe are the main reasons that my girlfriend is the woman she is today. This is also why i believe we have formed such a strong bond between eachother.
    With all my reading, i still have so much to learn. How should i got about asking her to marry me? in my culture the man goes to the woman's father by himself and asks for his daughter's hand in marriage. From what i have been reading, a Sikh engagement is a family affair that involves the parents and kin on both sides. What compounds this problem is that i am white and non-sikh and i am honestly afraid that her father will not give me consent should i ask him (her father can be a somewhat volatile person from what she tells me). Lastly, i want my proposal to be a surprise to her (i only get to do it once) and not a scheduled affair. How should i go about this? Are there any customs or things i should know when contacting her father? How should i contact him? I really dont want to screw this up so if you have any light to shed that would be great.
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