Sikh Is Not An Act Remember That!

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Mar 13, 2006
London Uk
Another problem i think why people do not regard sikhism is because they have not enough knowledge about it. Obviously, through media, but there is no strictness in the religion.

Sikhism, is not a religion, infact its a religion in a way to make people remember the divine path. Otherwise its not a religion, it is the actual way of life.

Maybe there are things which people are not able to do, because it could be that the rules of sikhism was adjustable in india in those times, whereas the modern world is able to do more things as there are more resources in greater economy countries. But sikhism should not be regarded as an act, but the way to truth. People have no interest in this, because they are still in ego, and are looking for something to adapt to. For example, they want to have a character to make themselves feel good. But at the end, it wont help at all, and wont last long. Not only that, by having a character there will be conflicts among other groups.

The thing is, maybe people know it is easy to follow the divine path, but they feel as though they want to explore it in a faster way, and in a way where they feel more clsoe to things...

So we must know that sikhism is not an act, and its not for anyone to have a character, but its about let everything of yourself go..and become loose. Become loving to everything, and be ready to accept everything, this way, life will be lovely. Infact there is a radical change once you become a sikh and go into the divine path. There is somewhat a powerful bliss, and all worries are forgotten.

The problem is, people have fear that their worldly desires may go about. Obviously its a good thing, but in this modern world, you might have to control your sikh attitude, and may have some time for materials. The thing is, you can either be a extroadinary sikh who lives just like god expects us, or you could still be a sikh with a character, and may have some space for worldly desires. Thats the main problem people have, even by being a sikh, they would know that other members of their family re not ready to live the same way, it would be hard to forget worldy materials, as it may support ur family.

Its confusing, but to put it straight forward, you can either be a pure sikh, or not a sikh at all and be like a sikh, but not actualyl having the grace of god. Like i said its hard to explain, but would god bless us even if we act half with god and half of our own way?!?!
May 16, 2005
Vernon, BC Canada
Very nice Anoop, i like your post very much, so much so... i am going to quote it in one of my upcoming blog entries. Anyways...

I totally agree, sikhi is a way of life, and we should like call it Sikhism with the “ism”, we need to keep away from that because sikhi is about following guru ji, not rituals and useless acts.

I would like to add that one should accept things and at the same time keep on the look out for possible pitfalls and mistakes. We should not criticize ppl out of jealousy or hate, but instead out of love and concern. One should not have to change there appearance, language and heritage to enter sikhi – god is boundless of those things.

I believe we are all sikhs, regardless of whatever “level” we are at and also what religion or organization we are part of. I have broken down the various “levels” at which a person is at, simple yet should not be taken into full extensive use.

True Sikhs: These ppl are amritdari, and also ppl who have reached their peak or realization in their religion/group
Active/Learning Sikhs: These ppl are still in the early learning phase and have not quite at the right level to become Amrit or at peak potential.
Lost Sikhs: These ppl are students who don’t have a teacher or do not really have interest/will/desire to learn sikhi or become higher in their religion. This group accounts for the majority of sikhs today, they have the potential, but not the will to become more.
Disconnected sikhs: These ppl have nothing in terms of a faith or path. They may have (in their mind) abandoned religion, or have simply sunk into a mentally deep hole.

I hope this clears up a few things.

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